Why is Smarteam File Explorer so IMPORTANT ?

Smarteam users need to understand the importance of using smarteam file explorer. This feature is NOT the same as using Windows explorer.

By using smarteam file explorer, Smarteam knows the status of a object – whether it is New, Copied, Referenced or Checked-out. Windows Explorer doesn’t. Using smarteam file explorer – Smarteam WILL NOT allow the user to delete a file which is in "new" or "checked out" state. Reason – This is the only version of the file the user has. It is not available anywhere else. Windows explorer on the other hand will treat this file as any other. So, when the file is deleted, smarteam will still show the object in file explorer with a red ! status. It does not know what happened to the file. It had a record of it and now it cannot see it in the system.

It is also recommended to clean smarteam file explorer regularly. Every time a user checks a file out all of its references could be copied out to enable the cad application to open the file. Over a period of time, these files get accumulated and the user ends up with hundred’s of files. The user can select "all copied -referenced " and "all copied – not referenced" files and SAFELY delete them using SMARTEAM file explorer thus ensuring a clean workspace.

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  1. The files with question mark are considered “undefined” by Smarteam. If you have any files in the Smarteam work folder that have not been saved in Smarteam yet, they will be tagged “undefined”. If you do not need them in the Smarteam work folder, move them using windows file explorer.

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