PDMWorks Enterprise Report Generator

For users of PDMWorks Enterprise, you may notice the menu item "Report Generator" under the Tools menu in PDMWorks Enterprise.  There is information in the help about this tool, but in general terms, it allows users to plug in SQL queries to their PDMWorks Enterprise implementation.  For example, if you want to run a report such as:

  • Users in a particular group
  • Groups that the logged-in user belongs to
  • Logged In users (report with License Type in use)
  • Assembly Structure of an Assembly
  • Complete Where Used report including all revisions
  • Documents with Specified Configuration
  • Documents in a particular state

These are just a few.  In fact, any SQL query can be turned into a report that can be imported into the Report Generator and executed by regular users.  The Reports are saved in a CRP format.  I have attached examples in a crp file.  (Download PDMWE_Sample_Reports.crp

Simply double click on this file to import the reports into your current vault.  From there, you just have to select which users/groups will have access to the reports.

To run the report, go to Tools > Report Generator (see screen shot)

Report_generator Select the report to run and click the green arrow.  If you are running the report on a file, as shown in the screenshot, just drag and drop the file(s) into the report window before running.

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  1. How do you delete a report once it’s in the Report Generator. I see no delete option. Also, in the example script I see the use of the § character, which appear to designate the line as a comment. Is this character necessary, or do I just create a simple text file with the SQL query and name it with the .crp extension?

  2. The § character marks the report section. It needs to stay for it to display properly in the report. To remove a report once added, just right-click on the report and select remove. Hope that helps!

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