Enterprise PDM and MS Project

In recent months, I have received several inquiries about using Enterprise PDM for tracking projects.  As many of you know, Enterprise PDM (EPDM) has a powerful workflow component, used for managing document routing.  The functionality, in combination with templates, can provide a great interface for creating and tracking projects.  Just to be clear, EPDM is not a project management system.  It would not replace Microsoft Project software as a project editor, but it would complement it.  To best explain it, I have put together a video that shows the functionality.

4 comments on “Enterprise PDM and MS Project

  1. Very Impersive,
    Do you used ePDM and MS project API.
    If not and it is only MS Project and ePDM functionality.
    Could you send me the export of the ePDM vault (Workflow, templates and MS Project file card).
    Thanks in advance

  2. Just like Amit and Chen,
    Can you send me the tutorial to do like this video?
    Thanks very much
    Do Le Vu (vu.do.@mylangroup.com)

  3. Just like Amit and JuanJo,
    Can you send me the tutorial or files to do like this video?
    Thanks very much
    Mirco Posto (marespo@hotmail.com)

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