SolidWorks Enterprise PDM ECN Process

I have created quite a few workflow processes using SolidWorks Enterprise PDM.  When processing a workflow route in Enterprise, you typically have to start with a file.  The file is routed along the workflow.  In many cases, the file is a spreadsheet, word document, or virtual file (an EPDM record with no file).  In the case of the video below, I am using an html file.  This process passes variables from the input data card to the html as the file is process on the workflow.  Using this method, users do not have to open an application like Excel to edit the ECN form.  They can simply make their changes on the data card and they get “displayed” in the html format (which is good for printing).  At certain points in the workflow, I even swap out images on the html so that it actually drops a scan of the approvers’ signature.  All this was done with no custom programming.  Enjoy…

7 comments on “SolidWorks Enterprise PDM ECN Process

  1. Great post Justin! Definitely one of the more creative uses for EC documents that I’ve seen. Would you be willing to share your method for mapping variables/attributes into the HTML file format?
    Mike Spens

  2. This looks like a possible solution to aur Enterprise PDM ECN saga. Is there a way we can get your current best solution to the problem and possibly discuss our specific needs.

  3. Good job Justin!
    But how did you manage to map EPDM variables to HTML attributes?
    Which block/attribute names do you use for that?

  4. Good job Justin!
    How did you map EPDM variables to HTML values?
    which block/attribute names do you use for that?

  5. Nice
    What did you use to create the HTML File. This is exactly what I am looking for. We are using a Word File as there Template. Messy

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