Dassault Assures the Future of Enovia SmarTeam V5

Last week, Dassault announced that they have outsourced the development of Enovia SmarTeam to a group of PLM experts called artizone.  The new company is led by Alex Zeltcer, former CEO of the SmarTeam Brand at Dassault.  Essentially, Zeltcer has hired the majority of the former development team in Israel and will provide support and software updates for both current and new SmarTeam customers.

'What is with the name?' you may be asking.  I asked the same thing.  We have a lot in common..artizone, we are told, means a "zone for artisans."  If you were are not overly impressed with this explanation, join the club (this coming from a guy that works for "InFlow").  At least it doesn't end with "ia" (see Catia, Simulia, Enovia, Delmia, 3D Via, etc).

Having spoken to Dassault last week, I took away one key message:  artizone is a development shop.  They are there to continue development and to enhance the SmarTeam V5 platform.  We are told that nothing will change from a customer perspective…support will remain available through InFlow, and InFlow will provide support requests to an experienced team with whom we have worked for a number of years.

This announcement was extremely well received by our staff.  While we have heard great things about the Enovia V6 platform, the roadmap that will take our customers from V5 to V6 (which is based on the MatrixOne platform) is not yet released.  artizone will assure our current SmarTeam customers that the platform that they rely on to manage their product development data and processes is safe for the foreseeable future.

3 comments on “Dassault Assures the Future of Enovia SmarTeam V5

  1. Artizone announcement is really a good news for all SmarTeam customers who were worried about their future. This news now ensures that not only SmarTeam support will continue but the SmarTeam development/enhancements will also be continued.
    Best regards

  2. I’m just now getting around to taking a deeper look into the hole SMARTEAM dies with V6, and this article is somewhat refreshing. We’ve only been in the V5R19 Platform for right at a year, and the implementation was a nightmare to begin with(Catia V5R17 and SMARTEAM V5R17 to the V5R19 Versions).
    Now that we are looking hard at Windows 7 and a 64 Bit Platform, we either upgrade to V5R20 or we move on in to V6.
    The move to V6 is the way I would like to see us go, but I’m hoping the transition from V5R19 to V62011x will be quite a bit easier than the last transition.

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