EPDM Tips and Tricks – Add Custom Properties to Your Dialog Boxes

Ever wanted to get more glance-able information in your Check-In/Check-Out dialog boxes? How about your Contains Tab? Well, you can now add custom Column to these areas of your vault interface.

Step 1. Right Click on the column header in the dialog screen and select “More” from the fly-out menu.


Step 2. Select the columns to display in the file listing


Step 3. Enjoy your new information, now available outside of the data card.


More to know

You can reposition the new column after it has been added. Just drag and drop. The added columns are for your machine only. Every user can have their own personalized column set. You can remove these columns by un-checking them in the right mouse button menu on the column header.


This feature works in the:

  • Contains Tab
  • Where Used Tab
  • Check-in window
  • Check-out window

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