PDM Workgroup – Ownership Release For Multiple Files

If a workgroup user leaves the company and has hundreds of files under his/her ownership, the following process will help clear the ownership for all the files. The other option is to release ownership one file at a time but this could take a long time to complete.

1.  Make sure all current users have checked in and released ownership of their files.  

2.  Once all files are checked in and released by active users, only those that are no longer active users should be shown as unreleased. 

3.  Open the vault admin tool and make sure the vault is set to validate on restart.

4.  Stop the PDM Workgroup Windows Service and take a backup of the vault data folder.

5.  Locate the \VaultData\projects\ folder on the WPDM server. 

6.  Search a project or all projects folder for owner.pdmw files. 

7.  Any owner.pdmw files that exist should be deleted.

8.  Locate the cache.store in the \VaultData\data folder and delete it.

9.  Start the WPDM server service.

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