Activating Archive Server Compression in SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional

When using SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional (Enterprise PDM), the vault can occupy large amounts of disk space due to all the versions being stored from day to day. To save on disk space, you may want to enable compression on the archive server. Enabling compression will automatically compress all older versions in the vault, leaving the latest version uncompressed. As users request older versions, those files are uncompressed on-demand when they are sent to the user. However, on the server, they remain compressed to save on disk space.

Below are the steps for enabling compression manually. Keep in mind that each archive server has to be set up individually. Because each server can be set up differently, the files are uncompressed during replication.

To manually change the schedule for compression or cleanup:

1.    Use the Registry Editor to locate the vault key on the archive server, replacing VAULTNAME with your vault name.

       HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SOLIDWORKS\Applications\PDMWorks Enterprise\ArchiveServer\Vaults\VAULTNAME\

2.    Add a new string value, Reg_SZ, named as follows: CompressionSchedule

3.    In the value data, enter the schedule string using the Minute Hour Weekday format described below:


The schedule has the format:

Minute Hour Weekday

  • Minute. Use numerals 0 through 59.
  • Hour. Use numerals 0 through 23, where 0 is midnight.
  • Weekday. Use numerals 1 through 7, where 1 is Monday.

Separate sections with a space. Sections can contain a single number, a range (1-7), or a list (0,15,30,45). An asterisk represents the entire range.

For example:

  • 0 0 * Run every day at midnight
  • 0 2 1-5 Run every Monday through Friday at 2 a.m.
  • 0 * * Run every hour on the hour every day
  • 0 */2 * Run every other hour every day
  • 0,15,30,45 * * Run every 15 minutes every day
  • 0,30 * 1-5 Run every half hour Monday through Friday
  • 0 6-18 1-5 Run every hour between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Friday

The time is local to the server.

Type off to disable compression on this vault.

4.  Restart the archive server service for the changes to take effect.

Once the compression starts, you will see previous versions show a different extension. They will also be 30%-50% smaller in size. The image below shows the latest version checked. The previous versions are nearly 50% smaller.


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