Paint, grease and other consumables? Let me count the ways…..

In this blog let’s take a look at how and why companies are quantifying consumables in BOM’s First off let’s assume to get an account of consumables in assemblies, customers are creating actual part models of such things.   Sound funny?  Not so much, when companies are using parametric designs to create complete and accurate BOM’s to pass along to ERP systems and or purchasing type folks.  How does it work?  By changing the predefined quantity of "1" in the custom properties of a part.  SolidWorks can create complete and accurate BOM's.  In this example, let’s assume we need to quantify grease.  Let’s also assume that we use, approximately .005 ounces […]

Dimension/Formulae mapping

Dimension values and other formulae from Solidworks can be mapped to Smarteam. The setup is similar to attributes set through custom properties. For eg. If you want values of  "length" and "width" & "Thickness" mapped to Smarteam profile card, create the three attributes in the Smarteam data model (in the appropriate class/profile card)  NOTE : 1. Define mapping direction from SolidWorks to SmarTeam only. Setting both directions may lead to overriding formula with current value (Integration tools setup in Smarteam) 2. In Smarteam, the dimension/formula mapping option is diabled in default mode. To turn it on, go to System configuration editor and change the value of "SolidWorks.mapEvaluatedValue" to TRUE

Project security

When I create a link, how can I avoid having the Object be secured by the Project by default? A newly added System Configuration key enables you to change this default setting. To implement this key, do the following: 1.     Open the SMARTEAM System Configuration Editor. 2.     Search for the key: DefaultSecuredByAuthorizationContext. 3.     Set the value to FALSE. As a result, the Secured by checkbox in the link confirmation message is cleared by default.

Why is Smarteam File Explorer so IMPORTANT ?

Smarteam users need to understand the importance of using smarteam file explorer. This feature is NOT the same as using Windows explorer. By using smarteam file explorer, Smarteam knows the status of a object – whether it is New, Copied, Referenced or Checked-out. Windows Explorer doesn’t. Using smarteam file explorer – Smarteam WILL NOT allow the user to delete a file which is in "new" or "checked out" state. Reason – This is the only version of the file the user has. It is not available anywhere else. Windows explorer on the other hand will treat this file as any other. So, when the file is deleted, smarteam will still […]

Smarteam “Lock” Feature

Definition : Only an object explicitly assigned Check Out or New Release will be checked out. The configurations referring to the checked out object will be locked. Other users cannot checkout the locked configurations but can only copy them. Example : A solidworks part with 2 configurations – "Default" and "Flat_pattern" is in released state. "joe" needs to modify the part. 1. Login as user "joe" 2. In the "new release" lifecycle screen below, on clicking OK,  Default configuration will be "new released" and flat_pattern will be copied. (see fig.1)3. When user  "ann" wants to make changes to "Flat_pattern" configuration – the option to check-out will be grayed out. "ann" […]

smarteam relationship with solidworks lightweight parts

Users prefer using "lightweight" feature in solidworks while dealing with huge assemblies and parts for performance gains. When you save a lightweight part in smarteam, it saves the data and creates the profile card but will show up with ! in the smarteam tree.                                                                                                                                                                                                      […]

Performance boost for solidworks-smarteam integration

To boost solidworks/smarteam performance, perform the following steps : 1. Open system configuration editor utility (Start/Programs/Smarteam/Administrative tools/System configuration editor) 2. In the search field, type "Solidworks.TRACE" 3. Click on "Add value", Select "Domain" override level and add "FALSE" 4. Save changes. I have noticed significant performance boost when smarteam integration starts with the above setting.