SOLIDWORKS 2019 What’s New – User Comments – #SW2019

This 2019 release will feature enhanced granularity in mandatory comment control, now including mandatory state change options, and check-in/version comments. This means that you have the ability to now make commenting on state changes mandatory, creating the opportunity for more detailed document history. If you go into the PDM Administration tool, you’ll find the following new options: Must enter version comments Must enter state change comments As found in Administrative Permissions for a group shown below: As found in state permissions from the group properties dialog box shown below: As found in transition permissions from the group properties dialog box shown below: Because this is controlled at both the administrative […]

Using columns with a search card in Solidworks PDM Pro and Standard

Using columns with a search card in Solidworks PDM Pro and Standard So you’ve searched for something in the vault, but the results might not have all the information you’re looking for. Can something be done to the search results so that more information is displayed when a search is run? Can these results be unique depending on which search card you use? Well, you’re in luck, in both cases it can. So how would one go about changing the different results? This is modified in the PDM Administration Tool (Start > Administration or Tools > Administration (see image 1)). If your logged-in user has

Solidworks PDM 2017 – What’s New? – Reference Tree Display Enhancements

Have you moved multiple files at once through PDM workflow, and found it to be a bit confusing, and cumbersome trying to figure out just which part may be parent to what? Especially if several parts share the same parent, but not necessarily in the same assembly? Well in Solidworks PDM 2017, the reference tree in the dialogue box while performing Get, Set Revision, Do Transition (Change state), Copy Tree, and Move Tree has had a facelift. The improvement will show sub-parent relations (with the upward arrow, and in blue below), which also shows items that share similar parents: As opposed to the older Solidworks Reference Tree, which could be […]

What’s new in Solidworks 2017? Rollbacks now include their references!

What’s new in Solidworks PDM 2017? Rollback a file with references! Rollbacks, what are they all about? Rolling back a file in PDM is often a last resort for returning a file to a previous state or version (and I’d like to add that I always recommend against using it, as most the time you can check a file out, get a previous version, then overwrite the current version with the older version) Now, with all that said, one of the biggest pains can be rolling back individual files because their references can become all sorts of jumbled, and you’ll have version mismatches here and there, and it becomes a […]

SOLIDWORKS & EPDM Full Downloads

If you've used SOLIDWORKS for more than a year you've likely needed to download an update. Those of us who've been around even longer know that this takes a bit of time and its worth getting right. For the newer folks it can be a little confusing so I'm putting this blog together to make it easy for everyone to get what they need so they're ready to go when the time comes. Note: Having a Full Download will allow you to install without requiring any previous versions or service packs.     FIRST, the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal Login. If you're doing any sort of SOLIDWORKS Admin stuff, get yourself […]