Export Search Results from Embedded Search – #SW2018

New in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2018, you now can export search results from the Embedded Search Window. Prior to 2018, this capability was only available in the Dedicated Search Tool which opened in a separate window. Additionally, because PDM Standard does not provide access to the Dedicated Search Tool, that meant that you could not export search results from PDM Standard. So an added benefit is that you can now export search results from PDM Standard searches. There are two new buttons\options displayed within the search interface embedded within Windows Explorer which allow you to export search results. Selecting the first of these two new buttons (Open search results) will open […]

Enhanced Permission Control – Undo Check Out – #SW2018

With SOLIDWORKS PDM 2018 you now have the option of allowing your entire administration group to undo the check out of a file checked out by another user on a different machine. Once the check out is undone, a comment is also placed in the history of the file. In the past, only the “admin” user was allowed the permission of undoing a check out on a different machine. It also was not tracked in the history of the file. The undo check out comment does not get added when a user undoes the check out of their own documents, but only when a user undoes the check out of […]