DriveWorks 15 Now Available

We are proud to announce that DriveWorks 15 Pro and Solo are now officially available to download from the DriveWorks website. If you are not registered on the site already, let your reseller know and they should be able to send the new installation files over. Each reseller should have a copy of their customers new DriveWorks 15 license codes, so make sure that you request those as well! Below are some of the new features and frequently asked questions provided by the DriveWorks team relating to the new release: We have singled out a few of the enhancements / new features below: • Getting Started – Enhanced Installer and […]

DriveWorks Pro 15 What’s New: Installation Wizard

Fresh back from DriveWorks World 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia, we are excited to have a lot of new information to share with everyone regarding what is new inside of DriveWorks 15, along with some other really helpful tips and tricks. The team at DriveWorks did an absolutely fantastic job with this event and everyone who was able to attend was able to come home not only with more knowledge, but some experiences to go along with it! Click on the video below to see a recap video of day 1 at DriveWorks World 2017 and then continue on to see the first of many new features! I think that the […]

DriveWorks Pro 14 What’s New Highlight – Model Insight

What Does It Do? The new Model Insight feature in DriveWorks Pro 14 allows you to view each step required to generate your SOLIDWORKS files, pausing and moving forward at your command to allow precise review of your project. Why Is It Important? The ability to step into your model generation to see exactly how your parts, assemblies and drawings are going to be generated by DriveWorks based on your settings and configuration is a huge step forward in testing your projects. One of the largest issues with any application or program is methodological transparency to the individuals using it. Under most circumstances, we are forced to guestimate the “black […]

DriveWorks World 2017 – Atlanta, GA

  Driveworks has officially announced the chosen location for DriveWorks World 2017 – Atlanta, Georgia! The fun and festivities will be taking place in Atlanta, GA from Monday, March 6th until Friday, March 10th 2017 at the Twelve Atlantic Station Hotel. This year DriveWorks is offering two tracks for attendees to choose from. For those new to the product, they are offering Track 1 which will include DriveWorks training and DriveWorks Pro Professional Certification. For those already certified, Track 2 will offer training on more advanced concepts and additional modules that may not typically be used. To register, visit Their site will offer discounted rates at the Twelve Atlantic […]

Enterprise PDM/SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional: Upgrade Test Licensing

Enterprise PDM, soon to be known as PDM Professional, has undergone some changes in terms of licensing in 2015 and later. No longer will a new license file be needed to upgrade from one major release to another. Instead, PDM will be utilizing the same type of SolidNetworkLicense Manager as SOLIDWORKS has been using for years. This allows all of the PDM license to be updated and activated online using the serial numbers that you can access from the SOLIDWORKS customer portal. However, this may pose as an issue if you are looking to set up a new test environment for upgrading. If you are setting up a brand new […]

Enterprise PDM: Unexpected Incorrect User Password

There have been some recent instances where a user may attempt to log into Enterprise PDM, only to see a SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Login error claiming that “The entered user name or password is incorrect”. This may happen even though the user has logged into Windows using the exact same credentials, no passwords were recently changed and IT has not made any changes to the server. This can be caused by inconsistencies between the cached user information on the local servers and network location. There a few options that can be taken to gain access to the vault again: The user could simply reset their Windows password, reboot their machine […]

Enterprise PDM 2015 Shortcut Creates Incomplete Folder Paths – SPR 877773

For any Enterprise PDM users that utilize a custom shortcut to access folders inside of Enterprise PDM, you will be experiencing some improper behavior when upgrading to Enterprise PDM 2015. After accessing Enterprise PDM 2015 through the custom shortcut, the file path will actually be incomplete and characters will have been removed. Typically it is the first two characters of each folder name. This issue is addressed in SPR 877773, so please contact your local reseller and ask them to add you to this SPR so that you may be contacted once they have completed a fix for this issue. Until then, the only workaround is to either delete the […]

Creating SOLIDWORKS Drawing Templates with Enterprise PDM

The process of creating a SOLIDWORKS drawing template seems to be very lacking in the amount of training resources available. I would like to take some time to explain how the main components work together and show some best practices for creating and configuring your SOLIDWORKS templates. The first component is what I refer to as the DOT file, and is the base template that you will use for your files. This file is where you can configure various settings about the file that will be created, such as the paper size, dimensioning styles, hatch patterns, etc. (most everything under Tools > Options). To create a SOLIDWORKS part or assembly […]

SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM Best Practice: Non Revision Changes

When working with design documents, 9 times out of 10 the designer wants to make sure that any changes they make are recorded via revisions. Enterprise PDM does a fantastic job of doing this for us by automating the revisions through the workflows that we have set up. We release files for physical production, and when changes need to be made, we send them to a different state, make the changes and re-release them. Viola, new revision! However, what happens when we need to modify something simple on a released file? Say… a typo or new dimension? We don’t really want to create a new revision for the part or […]

Create an Enterprise PDM Report

Enterprise PDM comes with an extremely capable search tool, however there are instances where some advanced reporting is necessary. Typically this more in depth information can easily be acquired by an administrator creating an SQL query to access that information. But what about the rest of the users who don’t have access to the SQL Server Management Studio yet still to search for this information? That is where the Enterprise PDM Report tool comes in handy! Creating a report for Enterprise PDM is relatively easy, but it does involve some additional coding on top of the standard SQL query. Below is the text for a standard template for creating a […]