SOLIDWORKS PDM 2017 What’s New – Copying Group Permissions and Group Members – #SW2017

With SolidWorks PDM 2017 comes a feature that will have admins everywhere celebrating. Right now the quickest way to copy group permissions and group members is manual and error prone (scroll down to the bottom to see this method). In the NEW! 2017 Admin tool it only requires a few clicks. After creating and naming a new group, go to its Group Properties, select Copy from Group, and choose the desired source group. Click Next and OK. That’s it! Inconsistent group settings are thing of the past. By utilizing a template group, new groups can be quickly created so only customization remains, saving precious time and money. Current Method In […]

Decoding PLM – What’s a “data driven architecture”?

Don’t be scared off by the title of this post, it sounds complicated but it really isn’t that bad. Let me explain using movie rentals as an example. We used to roam the video store to find one we wanted to watch and hope it wasn’t checked out already. In the really old days, we had to “be kind and rewind” before racing back to the video store 5 minutes before they closed to return the movie the day it was due back to avoid penalty and those shaming looks from the clerk. Today we stream movies directly from their source and have eliminated the need for getting the physical […]

2016 PDM Pro – Installing Web 2

For 2016, Web 2 is now included in the installer along with SolidWorks. For many this is a blessing as Web 2 has always been a separate installation. Many will attempt to install Web 2 with PDM Pro 2016, but be wary. The intention of this blog post today is not on how to install the Web 2 client onto a server (refer to SolidWorks PDM Web Server Guide), but rather to warn you before Installation. Something that many do not know or have not noticed, is that there are prerequisites for the Web 2 installation. It means, ironically, that admin needs to get a hold of the installation guide […]

Support for LUM licensing ends 12/31/13

The support of LUM licensing technology will end on December 31st, 2013. This technology is being replaced by DSLS (Dassault Systemes License Server), which is already available in all V5 releases since V5R21 onwards, and in all V6 releases. DSLS is supported on the following release levels: •V6R2010x and higher •V5R21 and higher •V5R20 SP7 from HF26 onwards (*) •V5R20 SP6 from HF69 onwards (*) •V5R20 SP5 from HF84 onwards (*) •V5R20 SP4 from HF89 onwards (*) •V5R20 SP3 from HF76 onwards (*) •V5R19 SP9 from HF96 onwards (*)  (*) Service request will be required to receive the hot-fix. DSLS will not be available for V5R18 and for releases prior […]