Please check out my post regarding CEO optimism on our CATI Tech Notes Page…this should be good news for anyone that is looking to technology to improve their current processes:

Near Shoring

I just saw a great article that is very encouraging for our market. It is in today's Crain's Chicago Business, and it discusses a trend called "Near Shoring."

Simply put…this is really cool

Having sold CAD and PLM for a number of years, I have seen some cool products.  I have been on the shop floor where they built high tech weaponry, service trucks, and components so small that you had to look at them under a microscope.  It is tough to impress me. Having said that, this video blew me away, and I simply wanted to share it with our community.  It comes from the website of a company called SSI in Oregon, and the site contains plenty of additional cool content for engineering-minded people like us.  Consider it an early Hanukkah present.

Dassault Assures the Future of Enovia SmarTeam V5

Last week, Dassault announced that they have outsourced the development of Enovia SmarTeam to a group of PLM experts called artizone.  The new company is led by Alex Zeltcer, former CEO of the SmarTeam Brand at Dassault.  Essentially, Zeltcer has hired the majority of the former development team in Israel and will provide support and software updates for both current and new SmarTeam customers. 'What is with the name?' you may be asking.  I asked the same thing.  We have a lot in common..artizone, we are told, means a "zone for artisans."  If you were are not overly impressed with this explanation, join the club (this coming from a guy […]

Do You Ship Products to the European Union?

  Recently, we have had a number of customers inquire about solutions to help them comply with environmental regulations.  While many of these regulations have been in place for quite a few years, the enforcement of these regulations is becoming a reality.  Thus, companies have to prepare themselves in order to continue exporting their products, especially to the European Union. This survey is simply intended to understand the value of such solutions in CATI's customer base. Please take a few minutes to let us know if compliance with these regulations is important to your business. <a href="">Click Here to take survey</a>

What Do You People Want?

 I found a very interesting poll on CIMdata ( regarding the key analytics that companies would like to see from their PLM system.  Interestingly enough, this poll focused on the project management side of PLM, an area that many companies have not yet deployed.  Nonetheless, the masses have spoken, and users undeniably replied that they would like to be updated in real time on factors that may cause projects to miss delivery deadlines. In any case, I simply thought that I would share.

Installing SolidWorks Explorer without PDMWorks Workgroup

By Kevin Schmitt – Inflow Technology With the increased functionality of the free SolidWorks Explorer download in SolidWorks 2007, it’s use is becoming much more prevalent.  Even though it replaces the PDMWorks Workgroup stand alone client, not everyone will choose to use it for this purpose.  The problem is that sometimes when SolidWorks Explorer is installed without the PDMWorks Workgroup add-in, it will show that the PDMWorks Workgroup add-in is active.  The add-in check box will be checked, yet grayed out and unchangeable. Despite the fact the box is checked, none of the PDMWorks Workgroup functionality will be available within SolidWorks Explorer.  This problem should only occur on machines that […]