CATI TechLink Newsletter Celebrates 10th Anniversary

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the CATI TechLink Newsletter.  The newsletter features articles from CATI Experts in SolidWorks, PDM, Simulation, 3D Printing, and much more.  You can also watch product demos and catch-up on industry news! Click here to check out the latest issue! Want to get the newsletter every month?  Click here to subscribe.

What to Do When PDMWorks Workgroup Gets Spooky

PDMWorks Workgroup is a great tool for keeping your team working together. It can, at times, get a little bit strange in it’s behavior. This time of year, one might be tempted to blame ghosts or the supernatural, but there are a couple of more rational things to check before blaming the phase of the moon. The first trick has been discussed here before. It is a good practice to stop and start the vault on a regular basis. When the PDMWorks vault has been running for an extended period of time, it can become less reliable and less responsive.  Check the link above on how to set up your […]

SolidWorks Releases PDMWorks Enterprise 2008

This is a release  we at InFlow have been looking forward to for a while. SolidWorks Corporation today unveiled PDMWorks Enterprise 2008. SolidWorks has done a great job of listening to what is going on in the field and improving an already strong product. We  will be talking about the specifics as time goes on, but to give you a taste of whats new … Improved support of SolidWorks Configurations This has gone from a weak spot for PDMWE to a true strength. The new version allows access to the structure of each configuration without launching SolidWorks. This information can also be used to create reports and BOMs. Better control […]

Before 3D for Beyond 3D

We just completed a seminar series called "Beyond 3D"that reviewed ways to put the great models we can now create in SolidWorks to work in new ways. My talk was reviewing where we had come with CAD as a preview to what is next. I was doing some research for my presentation and I remebered from my Engineering Comptuer Graphics Class at Purdue in the early 80’s hearing about the research that Ivan Sutherland did for his PhD Thesis in 1962. His program called Sketchpad had many of the concepts we use in modern CAD systems prototyped out more than 40 years ago.  In my research I found this video […]

So you have PLM…

Now what? I have asserted that PLM is your organizations unique way of managing the definition of your products and managing change of these definitions. Included in these definitions are the processes needed to produce your products and get them to market. If you agree with my definition, you will also agree with me that PLM is not something you buy, no more than you buy quality or efficiency. There are tools that can improve your PLM system, if the tools chosen are suited to your process and they are implemented well. The same tools can make things worse if they are not implemented correctly. The right implementation will fail […]

PLM – What does it REALLY Mean?

What is PLM Really? It has been defined and redefined by the marketing departments of many companies. The definitions chosen depend on the definer. The ERP (MRP II (MRP)) companies like to push PLM in the BOM direction, a position of strength for them. The CAD companies lean toward the file management & workflow, topics more in their wheelhouse. Personally, I think the term has been rendered useless. So, I will bravely step into the void left by so much marketing effort on three little letters and declare, with apologies to our president, "I am the definer". What can I hurt at this point? Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) The way […]

Inside Out or Outside In?

How do you get better at what you do? To get to Carnegie Hall, you practice, but if you develop great products, what do you do? There are a lot of people, most of them (us) with something to sell who are quick to give advice, but which way do you go. You can work in from the edges or you can work out from the middle. At the edges, localized improvements can be made. A new computer, a training class, a new machine tool. You always need to be on the look out for opportunities to make spot changes. They are easy to implement and usually can be made […]