DriveWorks Solo, First Thoughts

I just went through the DriveWorks Solo Training and I'm very impressed!!!  It took me a little under 2 hours to go through the training provided by DriveWorks.  The material is very polished and even has tips explaining why things are happening,  not just instructions to click here and type this.  The amount of included functionality is perfect for this,  but experienced DriveWorks users will quickly find out what's missing. The search function makes it much faster to filter the rule types even with the limited number of models and rules in the training files.  The form navigation is redesigned making it easier to connect your forms and it makes adding […]

Welcome DriveWorks Solo

  DriveWorks recently released a new product, DriveWorks Solo,  that fits somewhere between DriveWorksXpress and DriveWorks Engineer.  I was able to download and install the product yesterday and I’m very impressed.  It works right inside of SolidWorks like Xpress,  but it has a lot of the functionality that is only available in Engineer.  The forms look great and you can even get a real-time preview of your design.  Check out or contact CATI if you have more questions. 

Impressions of DriveWorks 6.0

After installing and upgrading to DriveWorks 6.0, I was very impressed by many of the new enhancements.  The user interface has been drastically improved,  it’s much more user friendly and easier to navigate.  Normal windows operations such as undo and redo are available and you can now copy and paste controls from form to form.  I was pleased to see that you can now rename form controls and DriveWorks will automatically fix references to that control in rules and other places it would be used within DriveWorks Administrator.  The new quick picks for opening Groups and Projects make it much easier to begin modifying your applications right where you left […]