SolidWorks Enterprise PDM (ePDM) API class

Hurry! The class is coming up quick!  Inflow Technology will be teaching this class over 4 (1/2 day each) sessions via our "Virtual Classroom" platform.  Learn from the comfort of your cubical! Dates: September 7, 9, 14, 16 – 2010 Topics Covered Connecting to an EPDM Vault File operations File references Users and Groups At Course CompletionStudents will be able to use the Enterprise PDM API and VBA to create applications that will customize and automate your use of Enterprise PDM. Course MaterialsThe SolidWorks Enterprise PDM API training guide will be supplied at the beginning of class and is yours to keep. Variables, Versions, and Revisions Add-in applications Task Hooks Sign up […]

SmarTeam R19 SP8 with SolidWorks 2009 SP5.1 “HotFix”

Please see the notification from DS below… If you are an Inflow Technology customer, please contact us to download the HF.     ++++++++++++++++++   Dear Partners,   DS recommends all SmarTeam/SolidWorks integration customers using SW2009 to install SW2009SP5.1 plus a selected hotfix in combination with ENOVIA SMARTEAM  R19SP8HF1. With this level you will have better large assembly data management especially when configurations are involved, in terms of data consistency and performance. SW2009 SP5.1 is the last service pack for the SolidWorks 2009 release and is the only SW2009 service pack for which hot fixes can be issued.   Hotfix Content:   You can find here the list of all […]

SmarTeam V5R20 SP3 Released!

The long anticipated Service Pack 3 for SmarTeam has been released! A few of the key features are: Windows 7 support for x64 clients, and R20 support for the Oracle AutoVue viewer. This should mean view support for SolidWorks 2010 files with AutoVue. We will be testing the Service Pack over the next few days, and will let you know if we find anything of interest. If you are an Inflow subscription customer, please contact Inflow Technology for information on how to acquire the Service Pack.

V5R20 Released

The new version of V5R20 SP1 has been released. Dassault has released a video that showcases the new version of Enovia V5. The video may be viewed here: The Enovia V5R20 fact sheet may be viewed here: As an Inflow Technology customer, you can contact us to get your software media sent to you. Just give us a call! While glossing over the "What's New" document for V5R20 I found the following points of interest: Windows 7 is not supported.  I have been told that it will be supported in the second quarter. Most likely SP4 BOM Briefcase is disabled in the product.        If your organization does require BOM Briefcase, you must […]

SmarTeam and Windows 7

Just an FYI… We received confirmation that "Microsoft Windows 7" will be supported beginning with SmarTeam V5R20 Service Pack 1. Support will begin with the x64 bit version only. I have not received information on when SmarTeam will support the 32 bit version of "Windows 7".

SmarTeam Window in Focus

From version V5R18, SmarTeam implemented a new "Skin" interface. Some people love it, some people hate it. One thing is for certain, the standard "Microsoft" way of viewing a window in focus no longer works. Go ahead, try it…. With two applications open, select the SmarTeam application. Now select the other application. See, the SmarTeam title bar did not "Gray out" or "Dim" as it should. For most people this is not a big deal. However, if you really wanted to get that functionality back…. you can! From the Tools menu, select "Options…", then select the "General Options…" button. This will bring up the "General Preferences" dialog box. In this […]

CATI Named in ‘START-IT’ 125 List

CATI, Inflow-Technologies parent company, has been granted the START-IT 125 Award! "…The award was given to CATI for portraying distinct characteristics such as customer references, business model strength and execution, market leadership, and technological advancement through partnerships. " An article about it can be found here at This is absolutely fantastic news! I see the award as a testament to the customers and employees that have aligned themselves with CATI.

SmarTeam V5R17 SP8 Hot Fix

SmarTeam has issued a hot fix for V5R17 SP8. We have been looking forward to this Hot Fix, and it should fix the issue we reported on March 25th (The client server issue). If you are an Inflow-Technology customer, please contact us for information. If you are not a customer, you should be! All kidding aside (No seriously, you should be!), contact your local VAR for details.