SOLIDWORKS: PDM Overwrite Latest Version Option – New in 2017

PDM Overwrite Latest Version Option In the 2017 release of SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional and Standard, a new feature was added to allow users to replace previous versions of documents in the vault. When a user checks in a file, they can choose the “Overwrite Latest Version” option when checking in the file. The benefits: Cut down on all the versions that get stored in the archive as users are checking in their files each day. Give a power user the ability to fix a “non-critical” issue on a document without pushing the file through a state change or revision change. Allow users to change “common parts” in your vault without […]

InFlow Technology releases InFlow CONVERT for PDF Conversion

InFlow CONVERT for PDF Conversion In January, InFlow Technology officially released our new PDF conversion tool for SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional. The new application, called InFlow CONVERT, extends the capability of the out of the box PDF conversion tasks, with over 100 available source formats and improved scalability and performance. Improved performance InFlow CONVERT can send PDF publish requests to one of many configured “PDF Drones,” built to process hundreds of requests an hour. If your PDF conversions are not keeping up with demand, simply add more drones to improve the speed. The InFlow CONVERT command center will automatically determine which drone is available and send the request. More file support […]

Seeing an Mail client error when accessing SOLIDWORKS PDM eDrawings Preview?

Recently, we have seen reports that users see an outlook mail error sometimes when attempting to use the edrawings preview functionality in SOLIDWORKS PDM.  You may be wondering why eDrawings is referencing a mail client.  It is because there is functionality in eDrawings to send the file to others.  This function relies on Microsoft Messaging Application Program Interface (MAPI). Here is the error you may see: "Either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging request…"   According to the Microsoft Knowledge Base, It is possible that a corrupt registry is causing the error.  For information about how you may be able to […]

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional 2016 Upgrade Tip

For those users looking to upgrade to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional from Enterprise PDM or those looking to simply upgrade to the latest service pack, you have to make sure to upgrade your database.  In previous versions, the upgrade utility was in the service pack download.  In 2016, PDM is included in the SOLIDWORKS installation process, so you now have to look for the upgrade tool in that location.  The default location (which you can change during installation) is located here: "C:\Users\loginname\Documents\SolidWorks Downloads\SOLIDWORKS 2016 x64 SP02\swpdmserver\Upgrade" Run the upgrade.exe tool to upgrade your database.  You will want to make sure you back up your database first, unless you want to risk […]

Activating Archive Server Compression in SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional

When using SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional (Enterprise PDM), the vault can occupy large amounts of disk space due to all the versions being stored from day to day. To save on disk space, you may want to enable compression on the archive server. Enabling compression will automatically compress all older versions in the vault, leaving the latest version uncompressed. As users request older versions, those files are uncompressed on-demand when they are sent to the user. However, on the server, they remain compressed to save on disk space. Below are the steps for enabling compression manually. Keep in mind that each archive server has to be set up individually. Because each […]

InFlow participates in the ENOVIA SOLIDWORKS event in Chicago

For those who missed it, InFlow Technology presented at the first ENOVIA 3DEXPERIENCE for SOLIDWORKS users event this week in Chicago.  Attendees were able to see the ENOVIA SOLIDWORKS integration and see how ENOVIA could be tied together with an existing EPDM environment.  My presentation covered Migration Strategies for ENOVIA. The presentations are available on the Dassault swym site.  Visit to see the information.  If you do not have access to the site, you can request a login and then join the community called: Collaborative Innovation: Powered by ENOVIA.  On this same site, you can request my presentation at  Enjoy the presentations and other pictures available on the site.  If […]

SOLIDWORKS PDM 2016 Set Revision Feature

One of the new features in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2016 relates back to a question that has been posed by nearly every one of our PDM customers. Question: How can I set the revision of a file to something other than the default? The previous answer involved a complicated sorting workflow or custom application.  In SW PDM 2016, the feature is now available out of the box.  Essentially, a user can chose to "Set Revision" and pick from a drop down list, or have the system read directly from the value entered on the datacard. You can see from the screenshot that the system shows the current revision is blank, the next revision […]


Just this week SOLIDWORKS announced the pre-release of SOLIDWORKS 2016.  Included in the release is a face lift on ENTERPRISE PDM, which includes a name change to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional.  No longer will the EPDM abbreviation be used, but instead the product naming will line up with the other products distributed by SOLIDWORKS (i.e. SIMULATION).  In addition, SOLIDWORKS is launching a brand new product for PDM called SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard.  This product will be a trimmed down version of SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional (formally EPDM), designed for smaller teams of engineers at a single site.  More blogs will come out in the coming weeks with the new look, new features, and Standard vs. […]

SOLIDWORKS ENTERPRISE PDM – Notification Questions

  We have received many questions related to the notification process in SOLIDWORKS ENTERPRISE PDM.  For example, where do the messages get originated?  Is there a record of the messages?  Here is some general information to help you understand the EPDM messaging process (pulled from the SOLIDWORKS knowledgebase): Where are the messages originated? The "originator" of the SMTP message is different depending on what type of message is created. If selecting "notify a colleague" and write a message directly to another user, and SMTP is active, the message will be sent from the workstation to the SMTP server specified in mail settings.If it is an "automatic" notification, such as workflow […]

Automatically adding files to Enterprise PDM

Sometimes SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM users will want to store files in their vault using a "non-save" event.  For example, if I use an analysis program, the results files may automatically get created using automation in the program.  EPDM will block these automatic files from being added to vault because they have been added using a "non-save" event. Another example: if I use a compression program like winzip or WinRAR, when I extract a file into the vault, it will not automatically add the file.  Again, EPDM sees this as a "non-save" event and assumes you do not want these files automatically added to the vault. In both of these instances, if […]