SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 2015 – What’s New

This fall SolidWorks will release Enterprise PDM 2015.  There are some nice new features with this release, with a few brand new tools and some new features that users and admins will surely appreciate.  First of all SolidWorks is including the second generation web interface in this release.  The web interface, unlike the standard web access tool, is built to run on multiple browser types and multiple operating systems.  So if you want to search your EPDM vault from your tablet or mobile device, it is possible with this new web interface. Here are some other interesting additions: Copy Tree is completely overhauled with a brand new interface Move Tree – like the copy tree except it […]

Reporting Duplicate Filenames in EPDM

In SolidWorks Enterprise PDM, you have an option to allow or not allow duplicates in the vault.  Some companies have a valid reason to allow duplicates or they have migrated duplicates into their vault from a network drive, hoping to clean them up one day.  If you need a way to find the duplicates, just run the report file attached to this blog post.  You will need access to report generator (located under the tools menu in EPDM).  Simply open the attached report file and select execute to see the results.  Don’t forget to visit Download Duplicates Report

Dassault releases Enovia V6 2014x (3D Experience)

Dassault Systemes recently released Enovia V6 2014x with a brand new interface.  Enovia V6 is now part of the new Dassault 3D Experience platform, which is a consolidated environment with many Dassault applications.  The new platform now provides for a single interface for PLM and other Dassault applications like CATIA, SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Conceptual, Delmia, and Simulia. For the Enovia brand, the core PLM functionality is still there.  However the interface allows for faster object creation, searching, and browsing in a much friendlier interface.  The new compass (see screenshots) allows users to quickly jump between Enovia and their "authoring" applications to keep users in the 3D Experience interface.   As we […]

Searching for SolidWorks Configurations by Name in EPDM

Have you ever wanted to search by configuration name using SolidWorks Enterprise PDM?  If so, the search option is available to you on the "Complete Search" search card.  To enable this function, open your complete search card and look at the history tab.  This tab is used for history searching generally, but (as you will see) it can also be used for configuration searching.  The image below shows where to look on the card: If you have an old complete search card, you may not have the option "Look in Configuration Names."  If not, you have to add a new checkbox, linked to the option "History Text – Configuration names" […]

InFlow now supports Exalead OnePart

InFlow Technology recently added Exalead OnePart to our product support portfolio.  This application, developed by Dassault Systemes, is a powerful search tool designed to connect all systems in your company.   Here's how it works: Picture a user searching for a part number or part description.  Exalead searches the PDM system, ERP system, sharepoint, and network drives all over the company.  The result is a single list that can be reviewed by the user.  If your system has duplicates, Exalead will present those and allow side by side comparisons to help the user identify the preferred item.   I have attached a video to provide a high level overview.  We […]

SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 2014 Released

Recently SolidWorks released the latest version of Enterprise PDM, release 2014.  One of the highlights is the new variable display options available from reference dialogs.  From here, a user can add variable columns like part number, description, etc. so the reference trees are easier to navigate.  Here is a screenshot: Notice the new description column.  The user can add columns as necessary to this screen or other reference dialogs (where used, contains, check out, check in).  You can also set the check out, check in, and change state dialogs to only show top level, which reduces the time to display large assembly trees.  You can then chose to expand the […]

InFlow Web Access vs EPDM Internal Web

Since InFlow released the InFlow Web Access tool last summer, we have recieved quite a few requests to explain the differences between the InFlow tool and the SolidWorks Web interface.  Instead of explaining in written form, I have put together a video.   More videos will come in the near future, including more details on the InFlow Web Access tool.  For more information, check out our website at

Enterprise PDM File Migrations

Being part of a PLM/PDM implementation team, my nights and weekends are sometimes consumed by data migration work.  Just thought I would share some of my recent experience. Last week…we migrated around 30,000 versions into EPDM from a PDM application called ProductCenter.  We loaded pro/engineer files plus their history.  This week, we migrated about 135,000 files into EPDM from a folder structure on a network drive.  For this folder structure migration, we had to rename the files, rename folders, rebuild SolidWorks related links, all during the loading process.  So when the users left work on Friday, they had files on a network share.  When they came into work on Monday, […]

An Election Update – Enterprise PDM 2013 Brings 2 sides together

To demonstrate that Republicans and Democrats can work together, see the image below: We can see files checked out by Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, in the same EPDM vault!   New in Enteprise PDM 2013, we can highlight over the "checked out by" name and an image will pop up.  The image contains relevant information for that user including a picture, website, phone number, and how many files they have checked out.  You will also find single click links to dial their number, send an email, or IM.  Once you are displaying the image, you can pin it so it will stay open while you contact them or even […]

Web Access for Enterprise PDM

I think most people would agree that SolidWorks Enterprise PDM is easy to use.  But, at InFlow Technology, we are always looking for ways to improve the overall experience for our EPDM customers.  So, this month, we launched our new web browser interface for SolidWorks Enterprise PDM.  This new tool, called EPDM WebAccess, opens EPDM to standard browsers (IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox), giving users a faster and easier way to search, view, print, download, upload, and change the state of EPDM documents.  In addition to client time savings, it is also meant to reduce the installation time required by IT staff during EPDM upgrades and rollouts.  Instead of installing 50 […]