Using Lists with an Alias

What is an Alias List, and how does it help me? Great questions!          An Alias list is a list of values for use on a data card. An Alias list can be used in any of the following controls: Listbox  Droplist  Combobox  Combolist  An example way to use an Alias list is with a product line that includes a generic description as well as detailed codes belonging to the description. Such as a paint code. When viewed on the data card, the above list appears as this: When a selection is made and saved, the value that alias belongs to is placed into the custom properties […]

Folder Permission Assignment – SOLIDWORKS PDM 2018 What’s New

Folder Permission Assignment – #SW2018 SOLIDWORKS PDM 2018 has enhanced the assignment options for explicit folder permissions. In the past, you were only allowed to select a single folder at a time to assign permissions. Now in 2018 you can select multiple folders at a time via Shift+Click, Ctrl+Click Select, or Left-drag window. The Folder Permissions area will then display one of three statuses for the permissions checkbox. All Selected Folders Some of the selected folders None of the selected folders This will speed up the process of setting explicit folder permissions and lower the risk of errors or discrepancies between folders. I hope this part of the What’s New […]