SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM Service Pack 4 is now available

EPDM Community, InFlow has a team of SolidWorks Enterprise PDM professionals that can provide consulting upgrade solutions packages ranging from a “start-to-finish upgrade” or just “best practices” to ensure a successful transition. For “do it yourself” upgrades that develop issues, the InFlow support team can be available for help or assistance during normal business hours, but may need to schedule dedicated additional paid consulting time based on the complexity of the issue. We will do our best to make sure the issues are resolved in the shortest time possible. You can contact us by phone at 800-875-3009 or email An upgrade to the latest SolidWorks Enterprise PDM should not […]

SolidWorks Hole Wizard and Toolbox cannot be used after Kaspersky anti-virus update

SOLIDWORKS Technical Support is currently investigating an issue affecting SOLIDWORKS users that are running Hole Wizard and Toolbox on machines with Kaspersky anti-virus software installed. Under these conditions, users may find that SOLIDWORKS will generate the following master database error when accessing the Hole Wizard and Toolbox: “Cannot open the Microsoft Jet engine workgroup information file.” The issue has been found to be related to a Kaspersky Antivirus update that was released on April 9, 2014 How to fix this issue: 1.Perform a search on the C:\Windows folder for a file named “system.mdb” You will find that this “system.mdb” will have been created on 4/9/2014 and have a file size […]

Before upgrading to SolidWorks EPDM 2014

Please be aware that there is a problem with the EPDM 2014 SP0 addin for SolidWorks that will fail to load with SolidWorks 2014 SP1. Enterprise PDM 2014 officially supports SolidWorks 2014, 2013 and 2012. If you are running EPDM with an older (or newer) version of SolidWorks the Enterprise PDM SolidWorks add-in should show a warning that the version is not supported. If you are using Enterprise PDM 2014 SP0 (v.14.0.506) this version check is too granular and will also trigger if the installed SolidWorks version is a newer 2014 service pack, such as SW 2014 SP1. When SolidWorks is starting up or if you try to add the […]

WebEx and Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 Compatibility Issues

With the recent release of Microsoft Windows 8.1, the official release of Internet Explorer version 11 is available for Windows 7. While this new version provides more performance and HTML 5 compatibility, it currently is not supported by WebEx. This can cause issues with the use of WebEx during our InFlow Technology support sessions. WebEx is planning to have IE 11 supported in late January 2014. In the mean time, if you have Internet Explorer 11, you can browse to the website link and then go into the Internet Explorer 11 Tools -> Compatibility Mode for viewing and interacting with the WebEx meeting. The other option is to use an […]


If you are planning on upgrading your SolidWorks WorkGroup system to version 2013 or 2014, please review the following steps to ensure the upgrade process will not cause any problems and downtime. Client Upgrade – NOTE: SolidWorks 2013 will NOT install on Windows XP operating systems for client machines. SolidWorks 2014 will NOT install on Vista operating systems for client machines. Server Upgrade – NOTE: When upgrading Workgroup Server to 2013 or 2014, keep in mind that SolidWorks Explorer and the Vault Admin tool will not install on a 2003 Server OS. So you can upgrade your workgroup vault and run the workgroup service, but you cannot change any vault […]

Folder Templates not working as expected after up Upgrading to SolidWorks EPDM 2012 SP4?

Are you using concatenated variable values in your template folder card when creating new Templates? Are you seeing the following error message? “Could not create folder. Cause: The file/key name was invalid” This is a known regression and the issue has been reported to development under SPR 659256 and has a simple hotfix to implement. Please contact InFlow Support to get assistance if necessary. 888.285.2284

What’s new in SolidWorks 2011 Enterprise PDM

?  So this topic has been briefly covered in the past but with a truck load of new innovations to solve customer problems and enhanced functionality that is more productive and easier to use, I will rip off a theme from a Late Night host and give a quick break down of my Top 5 "Coolest  Stuff Added to SolidWorks 2011 Enterprise PDM".  (I guess it's only cool if you're  a Tech nerd like me) Number 5: Faster user definition (Admin Tool) Group import from Active Directory including user email addresses and user group affiliation Number 4: Overwriting versions Ability to select latest version with options or all versions to update […]

PDMWorks Workgroup – Vault Cycle

It has been found that after long periods of uptime, the PDMWorks Server process can become less reliable and less responsive. Starting and Stopping the process, and allowing it to rebuild its internal tables has been shown to improve this situation. The following process will allow you to set this up on a recurring basis. The example below has been created on Windows XP, a similar procedure will also work for any host OS supported by PDMWorks.The following procedure must be done by an IT administrator on the computer that is host to the PDMWorks Server process. Step 1 – Create a command fileIn the example the file is called […]