SolidWorks Enterprise PDM API 2014 Help updated.

With the release of SolidWorks Enterprise 2014, the API help documentation was updated to be more consistent with the other SolidWorks API help systems. This means the help now contains syntax for VB.NET, C#, managed C++, and a Send Feedback link on most of the help topics. Previous versions typically only contained the VB.NET syntax so no more having to translate it to your language preference from VB.NET syntax. The API help documentation is still installed in the program directory (typically C:\Program Files\SolidWorks Enterprise PDM\API_GB.chm), but you can now access it through the Help menu as well (Help -> API Help -> SolidWorks Enterprise PDM API Help). You can also […]

Random SolidWorks 2013 errors or hangs while using Enterprise PDM Vault

SolidWorks 2013 introduced a new process for opening files called SolidWorks file launcher (SWShellFileLauncher). This process is normally associated as the default application for opening SolidWorks file types. When a user double-clicked (or right-clicked) a file to open it into an existing SolidWorks session the following errors could occur. Error 1: Error 2: Previously the only work around was to try opening the file into a new session (required user to close existing instance of SolidWorks), drag-and-drop the file into the existing session, or use the File Open menu in the existing session. SolidWorks recently released SolidWorks 2014 SP0 and SolidWorks 2013 SP5 which includes updates to the SolidWorks file […]

Solidworks VBA Editor stops working

SCENARIO:  From Solidworks application try to start Macro Editor. Either new or edit existing macro. ISSUE: Mouse would go to hour glass and then back to pointer, but VBA Editor would not open. Looking at event log there would be entries related to swVBAserver.exe crashing. TROUBLESHOOTING: Tried repairing Solidworks installation – No effect Tried clearing user registry settings for Solidworks – no effect Tried logging in as different user – VBA Editor worked !!!!   RESOLUTION: 1. Exported registry settings for ????HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VBA from working user 2. Logged in as non working user 3. Exported registry settings for HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VBA as a back-up 4. Deleted registry entry for HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VBA 5. Imported registry created […]

Let’s go Virtual

The latest trend in IT is to purchase a larger server and split it into multiple virtual servers. Not only is this more cost effective, but it also adds greater flexibility. Below are some pros and cons I have discovered while setting up Solidworks Enterprise PDM with virtual servers: Pros: – Can divide applications across multiple servers (DB server, Web server, Application server, File server) – Can give access to users that normally wouldn't get server access. ex. PDM administrator (quite a few companies have an Engineer in this role) – Easy to make a test server (can clone the production server and if it's on same physical computer the hardware […]

Solidworks 2009 Custom Properties and SmarTeam V5R19

SmarTeam has added a new configuration setting that affects the way custom properties are handled with Solidworks 2009. The new configuration key is Solidworks.LoadPropertiesOnOpen and is stored in the smarteam.std.legacypreferences.config area. Description of key: Specifies whether or not to load SmarTeam attributes into the SolidWorks file properties when opening a SolidWorks document. Possible values:  YES = Load the SmarTeam attributes.  NO = Do not load the SmarTeam attributes The default value for this Key is NO. This means that by default any changes made to mapped custom properties will NOTget updated in Solidworks even though the integration tools setup is defined to push the data from SmarTeam to Solidworks. The solution we have […]

SmarTeam script returned an error but it still added a record while using an integration?

Scenario: Created a SmarTeam script that runs before an add. The script checks for duplicated part numbers. If a duplicate is found prompt the user notifying them of the duplicate and return an error from the script to prevent the duplicate from being added. Testing: SmarTeam Client Application:    Create new item which is a duplicate of an existing item.     Click Save, which fires the SmarTeam script.     Dialog displays notifying item is a duplicate.     Script returns an error and the save is canceled, thus preventing duplicates in SmarTeam.   SmarTeam Solidworks Integration:     Create new Solidworks item.     Save document into SmarTeam so that it is a duplicate of an existing item.     SmarTeam […]

.NET 2.0 Runtime Error caused by SmarTeam Vault

ISSUE : Recently ran into an issue with the SmarTeam vault crashing upon a request for a file. The error message displayed to the user was consistent with the error one would receive when the vault service is not running. Looking at the application event log however showed another error message prior to the errors generated by the Vault service. This error was titled .NET Runtime 2.0 Error. The contents of the event was EventType clr20r3, P1, P2, P3 48fb1209, P4 mscorlib, P5, P6 471ebc5b, P7 3404, P8 15a, P9 system.unauthorizedaccess, P10 NIL. After quite a few hours of troubleshooting, it was determined that the issue resided […]

SmarTeam viewer issue with embedded files

Recently ran into an issue with viewing a Solidworks drawing with an embedded PDF image, where the PDF image showed up as an empty square box when viewing using the SmarTeam viewers. See image below : A configuration setting was found to resolve this issue. The necessary configuration settings to change are as follows. SmarTeam desktop client viewer (NOTE: this change will need to be made on each SmarTeam clients machine that you want the fix to work on) 1. Close any open SmarTeam viewer sessions 2. Edit the avwin.ini file (By default located in thec:\windows or c:\winnt folder) 3. Add CONVERTWMFTOEMF=1 to the [Options] section 4. save the file 5. […]

SmarTeam : No Names, Just Initials

SmarTeam is set up to populate my Solidworks Drawing title block with the originator, but it’s displaying the wrong information, it needs to display initials instead. What is an easy way to do this? The answer lies in Projections. So how do you actually change the projection? Just follow the steps below: Modify Projection for originator display. Open Form Designer. Open the Solidworks Drawing attribute profile card. Select the Originator control                                                                i.      In the properties section select the projection by clicking the button with the 3 dots.   […]

Service Pack 8 for SmarTeam V5R17

SmarTeam has released service pack 8 for V5R17. It can be downloaded from the SmarTeam support site. SP8 boasts many enhancements, fixes to the SolidWorks integration, and is being anticipated quite heavily by many of Inflow’s customers. Inflow has done some testing of this service pack and would like to issue a caution to customers that may want to install this Service Pack. We have found that in some cases when the server and client are using different Operating Systems (OS) the client can no longer communicate correctly with the server. SmarTeam has confirmed our findings, and they are issuing a “hotfix” for this issue. We believe this affects most […]