Rename SQL server

There are those rare times when you have a need to rename your server that is running SLQ server on it. You may now know that once you change your server name.. that connecting to the SQL portion won't work particulairly from remote clients. I have found a couple of pretty simple SQL commands that can help assist in this. From Query window.. I typically set it to "Master".. run the following commands.   To return current name –       SELECT @@SERVERNAME AS 'Server Name'  To return the old name –     SELECT sys.servers AS 'Server Name' To do the actual renaming –     sp_dropserver "INFLOW-AEPGUOJH"     GO     sp_addserver "INFLOW-R19-1", local     GO ***Restart SQL services […]

Reference-to-Class contol options (Combo box)

Ever need to see more values in a Ref-to-Class field? The default is 1000.. which sounds like a lot, but when it comes to user lists it is possible to exceed this. Luckily there are 2 options: 1 – Switch to utilize the quickfind feature (Found in the properties of the ref-to-class control on the profile card designer)  2 – Increase the display list value in the configeditor.  (-1 will give all) Key to search for is "options.MaxObjInReferenceList" Hope this helps! By Scott Evans – InFlow Technologies –

Set default search criteria in SW integration

Ever want to set a default for your search fields in the SW intgration Open dialog box?  Jsut add the following key to your Domain config setting. (Always make a back-up 1st!) ..\SMARTEAM\ConfigurationSettings\Data\Domain\smarteam.std.legacypreferences.config.xml <DynamicItems> <Item xmlns=""> <runTimeKey>QUERY_SolidWorks_Drawing.1_REVISION</runTimeKey>                         <value>Equals,123</value> </Item> </DynamicItems>   produces the following By Scott Evans – InFlow Technologies –

Social networking sites connecting vendors and customers

"It seems that you can't turn a corner these days without hearing something about social media or Web 2.0. Recently, vendors and channel partners alike have been catching on to this trend, with large vendors such as Cisco and Oracle implementing social networking sites to communicate with their channel partners."   "Social media is changing the way vendors communicate with partners and the way partners communicate with customers. Partners have always been innovative in finding new ways to communicate with customers, according to Jim Moffat, a U.K.-based sales channels consultant to IT and telecom vendors. Social media is just the next step" "Social networking also provides more opportunities for reaching […]

Disabling the Tree view in Autoview

A Comment I frequently get when talking to SmarTeam users is that ehy don't like the tree view coming up and taking so much space inside the viewer window when using Autoview… and is there a way to disable that. There is indeed a way to suppress the bookmarks tree. You can either go to the viewer's toolbar and select 'Show/Hide Tree Model' icon for a 1 time change, or you can do the following to make it default turned off: 1 – Shut down SmarTeam 2 – Go to your C:\WINDOWS folder and open AVWIN.INI (which would have to be done per client)3 – Under the [Options] section, add […]

Autoview – Displaying Autoview fonts

One question I have gotten int he past and now again recently is how to display ACAD fonts in my Autoview (Embedded SmarTeam) viewer. So here it goes, Search for your existing AVX.INI file on your local PC.. typically in the root of C:\windows\..  Add the following lines under the [Options] headerSHOWFONTS=1XFONTPATHS=c:\Fonts (or your AutoCAD fonts Path!!) In real life, you should put a copy of the ACAD Fonts Dir on the network somewhere and then modify the path in the avx.ini to point to it. This avx.ini file will need to be copied onto every PC-Shouldn't need Admin rights and IT could put it in their domain logon script […]

SmarTeam training follow-up response

I wanted to share some feed back we have recently received from one of these our follow-up to an API training class that a customer had taken. Here is our customers response: "Not only did things go well, but you impressed Ben; and he is not easily impressed. Fantastic job for you and you team, Scott! I think we are sold as far as any future training needs that you are the best. -Mike"

SolidWorks API training

We are offering a SolidWorks API training class on Aug 4-6 @ our Bufflao Grove, IL office For a more detailed description of the class, please follow the link below – Please contact your sales representitive or me directly @ Hope you can join us! Scott Evans

SmarTeam Administrator training

Just a quick note to anyone looking for some SmarTeam administrator training. It will be held in Brookfield, WI on June 9-12 This is actually a 2 part class.. Days 1 & 2 are more focused on topics relating to the day to day or more frequent tools an administrator would use. Days 3 & 4 are focused on the DataModel designer and more advanced tools which are not typically used much after a go live and the system is up and running. If you have any further questions, please visit our web page or feel free to contact me directly @ Hope you can join us! Scott […]

New Look for SmarTeam R18

With SmarTeam R18, the users will get a new updated interface and I thought I would share a few of these with you. View this photo The tabs on the right pane are fully movable as well and let you dock them on any side you prefer. View this photo There are saved default color schems for the users to chose from now as well. View this photo If you are using Windows Vista, it will be even nicer and conforms to the new Vista graphics (Gradiant bars and icons), otherwise this is what it looks like with XP or Windows2003 So at least it is a refreshing change for […]