How do I properly import a “SQL database” card list from one EPDM vault to another?

The use of .cex files can be a handy tool for importing settings and configurations from one vault to another such as a Test EPDM vault (Source vault) to a Production EPDM (Target vault). However, when importing card lists or cards that are populated from a SQL database, there are a couple important things to keep in mind. PLEASE NOTE: If the information for the list is not updated in the target vault it can cause serious functionality and performance issues since the list is attempting to query the database with invalid information. Let's use the example of a SQL database card that queries back to its own EPDM vault. […]

SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Item Explorer

In the latest release of SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 2009, SolidWorks has introduced the Item Explorer.  The Item Explorer represents a major expansion in functionality for Enterprise PDM, nudging it gently across the PDM/PLM boundary to compete with the bulkier and much more complex Item-Centric PLM applications.   But, in keeping with the SolidWorks tradition, this product is easy to use (see pictures below) and free to customers who have Enterprise 2009.    So…in an effort to hedge off a flood of questions, I have chosen some FAQ’s and listed them below. How do I get to the Item Explorer? In the normal Windows Explorer interface inside Enterprise PDM, go to Tools, […]