InFlow Technology Recognized by Dassault Systèmes as a Platinum Partner

InFlow Technology, was honored at the annual Dassault Systèmes partner meeting – earning Platinum Partner status as well as taking home an award for the top 3DEXPERIENCE Platform provider in North America. At InFlow Technology, we provide product lifecycle management and product data management solutions, with a focus on ENOVIA, SOLIDWORKS PDM, CATIA, and SIMULIA products, services, training, and support. “It starts with providing the right solutions and our commitment to making sure our clients are successful,” said Justin Webster, Vice President, InFlow Technology. We want to build lasting partnerships with our clients.” In 2017, we added CATIA 3D modeling and design software to our solution portfolio. CATIA is used in a wide […]

SmarTeam Services Error Message on Client Machines

SmarTeam Server has been installed and configured. Services are running. Client has been installed. Config.dll is pointing to the correct server. License server is working.  All configuration settings (scripts, icons etc.) have been set but when you start SmarTeam Editor, a message pops up "Please check if SmarTeam Services are started". The reason for this error is that the SmarTeam.Std.Config.dll has been over written with the previous versions dll file. This situation happens mostly during an upgrade process. For example, the systems are upgraded from version V5R20 to V5-R62013 and because the number of clients to be upgraded are huge, IT creates a script to install SmarTeam automatically. This script […]

Support for LUM licensing ends 12/31/13

The support of LUM licensing technology will end on December 31st, 2013. This technology is being replaced by DSLS (Dassault Systemes License Server), which is already available in all V5 releases since V5R21 onwards, and in all V6 releases. DSLS is supported on the following release levels: •V6R2010x and higher •V5R21 and higher •V5R20 SP7 from HF26 onwards (*) •V5R20 SP6 from HF69 onwards (*) •V5R20 SP5 from HF84 onwards (*) •V5R20 SP4 from HF89 onwards (*) •V5R20 SP3 from HF76 onwards (*) •V5R19 SP9 from HF96 onwards (*)  (*) Service request will be required to receive the hot-fix. DSLS will not be available for V5R18 and for releases prior […]

Smarteam class icon does not refresh on “save as” to new class

With V5R21 SP3 and Solidworks 2012 SP2 – Smarteam icon does not refresh in DMT if part class is saved into a different class. 1. In Solidworks, create and save a new part. 2. Save this part into Smarteam as Solidworks part class. 3. "Save as" into Smarteam as Solidworks standard part class.4. The icon still points to the Solidworks part class.5. Right-click in the DMT and Refresh.6. The icon changes to Solidworks standard part class.

Dimension/Formulae mapping

Dimension values and other formulae from Solidworks can be mapped to Smarteam. The setup is similar to attributes set through custom properties. For eg. If you want values of  "length" and "width" & "Thickness" mapped to Smarteam profile card, create the three attributes in the Smarteam data model (in the appropriate class/profile card)  NOTE : 1. Define mapping direction from SolidWorks to SmarTeam only. Setting both directions may lead to overriding formula with current value (Integration tools setup in Smarteam) 2. In Smarteam, the dimension/formula mapping option is diabled in default mode. To turn it on, go to System configuration editor and change the value of "SolidWorks.mapEvaluatedValue" to TRUE

SmarTeam R19 SP8 with SolidWorks 2009 SP5.1 “HotFix”

Please see the notification from DS below… If you are an Inflow Technology customer, please contact us to download the HF.     ++++++++++++++++++   Dear Partners,   DS recommends all SmarTeam/SolidWorks integration customers using SW2009 to install SW2009SP5.1 plus a selected hotfix in combination with ENOVIA SMARTEAM  R19SP8HF1. With this level you will have better large assembly data management especially when configurations are involved, in terms of data consistency and performance. SW2009 SP5.1 is the last service pack for the SolidWorks 2009 release and is the only SW2009 service pack for which hot fixes can be issued.   Hotfix Content:   You can find here the list of all […]

SmarTeam V5R20 SP3 Released!

The long anticipated Service Pack 3 for SmarTeam has been released! A few of the key features are: Windows 7 support for x64 clients, and R20 support for the Oracle AutoVue viewer. This should mean view support for SolidWorks 2010 files with AutoVue. We will be testing the Service Pack over the next few days, and will let you know if we find anything of interest. If you are an Inflow subscription customer, please contact Inflow Technology for information on how to acquire the Service Pack.

SMARTEAM – Important information – DON’T INSTALL KB976576 on .NET Franmework

We have had several customers having an issue after a windows update. We have received confirmation from SmarTeam that there is an issue.   SmarTeam notice:   An issue with MICROSOFT .NET security update has been discovered with the use of SMARTEAM.   The incident is currently under analysis but we advise you to NOT install the following Microsoft patch:   If this update has been installed on a workstation the following issue appears: 1.       open Smarteam, login as admin (if you use PLMDB) 2.       close Smarteam ?  error message appears: error: DDE server Window: Smarteam.exe Application error The exception unknown software exception (0x0eedfade) occurred in the application […]