V5R20 Released

The new version of V5R20 SP1 has been released. Dassault has released a video that showcases the new version of Enovia V5. The video may be viewed here: http://www.3ds.com/products/v5r20/ The Enovia V5R20 fact sheet may be viewed here: http://www.3ds.com/fileadmin/PRODUCTS/ENOVIA/PDF/v5r20/V5R20-ENOVIA-SmarTeam-Factsheet.pdf As an Inflow Technology customer, you can contact us to get your software media sent to you. Just give us a call! While glossing over the "What's New" document for V5R20 I found the following points of interest: Windows 7 is not supported.  I have been told that it will be supported in the second quarter. Most likely SP4 BOM Briefcase is disabled in the product.        If your organization does require BOM Briefcase, you must […]

Dassault Assures the Future of Enovia SmarTeam V5

Last week, Dassault announced that they have outsourced the development of Enovia SmarTeam to a group of PLM experts called artizone.  The new company is led by Alex Zeltcer, former CEO of the SmarTeam Brand at Dassault.  Essentially, Zeltcer has hired the majority of the former development team in Israel and will provide support and software updates for both current and new SmarTeam customers. 'What is with the name?' you may be asking.  I asked the same thing.  We have a lot in common..artizone, we are told, means a "zone for artisans."  If you were are not overly impressed with this explanation, join the club (this coming from a guy […]

SmarTeam and Windows 7

Just an FYI… We received confirmation that "Microsoft Windows 7" will be supported beginning with SmarTeam V5R20 Service Pack 1. Support will begin with the x64 bit version only. I have not received information on when SmarTeam will support the 32 bit version of "Windows 7".

Do You Ship Products to the European Union?

  Recently, we have had a number of customers inquire about solutions to help them comply with environmental regulations.  While many of these regulations have been in place for quite a few years, the enforcement of these regulations is becoming a reality.  Thus, companies have to prepare themselves in order to continue exporting their products, especially to the European Union. This survey is simply intended to understand the value of such solutions in CATI's customer base. Please take a few minutes to let us know if compliance with these regulations is important to your business. <a href="http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=PpL8Lr3bCTBYb20TRvWADQ_3d_3d">Click Here to take survey</a>

Solidworks 2009 Custom Properties and SmarTeam V5R19

SmarTeam has added a new configuration setting that affects the way custom properties are handled with Solidworks 2009. The new configuration key is Solidworks.LoadPropertiesOnOpen and is stored in the smarteam.std.legacypreferences.config area. Description of key: Specifies whether or not to load SmarTeam attributes into the SolidWorks file properties when opening a SolidWorks document. Possible values:  YES = Load the SmarTeam attributes.  NO = Do not load the SmarTeam attributes The default value for this Key is NO. This means that by default any changes made to mapped custom properties will NOTget updated in Solidworks even though the integration tools setup is defined to push the data from SmarTeam to Solidworks. The solution we have […]

Reference-to-Class contol options (Combo box)

Ever need to see more values in a Ref-to-Class field? The default is 1000.. which sounds like a lot, but when it comes to user lists it is possible to exceed this. Luckily there are 2 options: 1 – Switch to utilize the quickfind feature (Found in the properties of the ref-to-class control on the profile card designer)  2 – Increase the display list value in the configeditor.  (-1 will give all) Key to search for is "options.MaxObjInReferenceList" Hope this helps! By Scott Evans – InFlow Technologies – www.inflow-tech.com

Dassault Systémes Customer Conference (DSCC) 2009

Just a "Save the Date" note for an upcoming DAS event. October 6 & 7, 2009   Orlando, Florida What is DSCC?DSCC is the first-ever cross-brand Dassault Systémes (DS) Customer Conference. This premier PLM conference is designed for Senior Executives, Decision Makers, Directors and Managers of enterprise and mid-market businesses. Why Should Your Customers Attend?DSCC will provide valuable information on how to emerge with advantage from the current economic climate. Attendees will hear how other mid-market industry leaders have benefited from PLM, gain insight into Dassault Systémes’ PLM vision, strategy and solutions and have the opportunity to network with peers. DSCC offers a robust agenda pertinent to all customers, or prospective […]

SmarTeam script returned an error but it still added a record while using an integration?

Scenario: Created a SmarTeam script that runs before an add. The script checks for duplicated part numbers. If a duplicate is found prompt the user notifying them of the duplicate and return an error from the script to prevent the duplicate from being added. Testing: SmarTeam Client Application:    Create new item which is a duplicate of an existing item.     Click Save, which fires the SmarTeam script.     Dialog displays notifying item is a duplicate.     Script returns an error and the save is canceled, thus preventing duplicates in SmarTeam.   SmarTeam Solidworks Integration:     Create new Solidworks item.     Save document into SmarTeam so that it is a duplicate of an existing item.     SmarTeam […]

Set default search criteria in SW integration

Ever want to set a default for your search fields in the SW intgration Open dialog box?  Jsut add the following key to your Domain config setting. (Always make a back-up 1st!) ..\SMARTEAM\ConfigurationSettings\Data\Domain\smarteam.std.legacypreferences.config.xml <DynamicItems> <Item xmlns="http://www.smarteam.com/dev/ns/config/legacyPreferences/1.0"> <runTimeKey>QUERY_SolidWorks_Drawing.1_REVISION</runTimeKey>                         <value>Equals,123</value> </Item> </DynamicItems>   produces the following By Scott Evans – InFlow Technologies – www.inflow-tech.com

.NET 2.0 Runtime Error caused by SmarTeam Vault

ISSUE : Recently ran into an issue with the SmarTeam vault crashing upon a request for a file. The error message displayed to the user was consistent with the error one would receive when the vault service is not running. Looking at the application event log however showed another error message prior to the errors generated by the Vault service. This error was titled .NET Runtime 2.0 Error. The contents of the event was EventType clr20r3, P1 smarteam.std.vault.server.host, P2, P3 48fb1209, P4 mscorlib, P5, P6 471ebc5b, P7 3404, P8 15a, P9 system.unauthorizedaccess, P10 NIL. After quite a few hours of troubleshooting, it was determined that the issue resided […]