SmarTeam Window in Focus

From version V5R18, SmarTeam implemented a new "Skin" interface. Some people love it, some people hate it. One thing is for certain, the standard "Microsoft" way of viewing a window in focus no longer works. Go ahead, try it…. With two applications open, select the SmarTeam application. Now select the other application. See, the SmarTeam title bar did not "Gray out" or "Dim" as it should. For most people this is not a big deal. However, if you really wanted to get that functionality back…. you can! From the Tools menu, select "Options…", then select the "General Options…" button. This will bring up the "General Preferences" dialog box. In this […]

Disabling the Tree view in Autoview

A Comment I frequently get when talking to SmarTeam users is that ehy don't like the tree view coming up and taking so much space inside the viewer window when using Autoview… and is there a way to disable that. There is indeed a way to suppress the bookmarks tree. You can either go to the viewer's toolbar and select 'Show/Hide Tree Model' icon for a 1 time change, or you can do the following to make it default turned off: 1 – Shut down SmarTeam 2 – Go to your C:\WINDOWS folder and open AVWIN.INI (which would have to be done per client)3 – Under the [Options] section, add […]

Autoview – Displaying Autoview fonts

One question I have gotten int he past and now again recently is how to display ACAD fonts in my Autoview (Embedded SmarTeam) viewer. So here it goes, Search for your existing AVX.INI file on your local PC.. typically in the root of C:\windows\..  Add the following lines under the [Options] headerSHOWFONTS=1XFONTPATHS=c:\Fonts (or your AutoCAD fonts Path!!) In real life, you should put a copy of the ACAD Fonts Dir on the network somewhere and then modify the path in the avx.ini to point to it. This avx.ini file will need to be copied onto every PC-Shouldn't need Admin rights and IT could put it in their domain logon script […]

SmarTeam viewer issue with embedded files

Recently ran into an issue with viewing a Solidworks drawing with an embedded PDF image, where the PDF image showed up as an empty square box when viewing using the SmarTeam viewers. See image below : A configuration setting was found to resolve this issue. The necessary configuration settings to change are as follows. SmarTeam desktop client viewer (NOTE: this change will need to be made on each SmarTeam clients machine that you want the fix to work on) 1. Close any open SmarTeam viewer sessions 2. Edit the avwin.ini file (By default located in thec:\windows or c:\winnt folder) 3. Add CONVERTWMFTOEMF=1 to the [Options] section 4. save the file 5. […]

SmarTeam : No Names, Just Initials

SmarTeam is set up to populate my Solidworks Drawing title block with the originator, but it’s displaying the wrong information, it needs to display initials instead. What is an easy way to do this? The answer lies in Projections. So how do you actually change the projection? Just follow the steps below: Modify Projection for originator display. Open Form Designer. Open the Solidworks Drawing attribute profile card. Select the Originator control                                                                i.      In the properties section select the projection by clicking the button with the 3 dots.   […]

SmarTeam training follow-up response

I wanted to share some feed back we have recently received from one of these our follow-up to an API training class that a customer had taken. Here is our customers response: "Not only did things go well, but you impressed Ben; and he is not easily impressed. Fantastic job for you and you team, Scott! I think we are sold as far as any future training needs that you are the best. -Mike"

SmarTeam Administrator training

Just a quick note to anyone looking for some SmarTeam administrator training. It will be held in Brookfield, WI on June 9-12 This is actually a 2 part class.. Days 1 & 2 are more focused on topics relating to the day to day or more frequent tools an administrator would use. Days 3 & 4 are focused on the DataModel designer and more advanced tools which are not typically used much after a go live and the system is up and running. If you have any further questions, please visit our web page or feel free to contact me directly @ Hope you can join us! Scott […]

SmarTeam V5R17 SP8 Hot Fix

SmarTeam has issued a hot fix for V5R17 SP8. We have been looking forward to this Hot Fix, and it should fix the issue we reported on March 25th (The client server issue). If you are an Inflow-Technology customer, please contact us for information. If you are not a customer, you should be! All kidding aside (No seriously, you should be!), contact your local VAR for details.

When People Think “PLM,” They Think “Dassault Systémes,” Says Analyst Firm CIMdata

"…CIMdata defines a mindshare leader as the company end-users most readily identified with the term “PLM.”  It is Dassault Systémes’ third straight year at the top of the industry mindshare rankings. " Source: Inflow-Technology, of course, deploys solutions based on Dassault’s product. So, if Dassault is PLM, then Inflow-Technology is the PLM Solution! Chant that three times and tell your friends!

SolidWorks Integration Icons and SmarTeam

With the SmarTeam integration loaded in SolidWorks, do your icons look like this?   Doesn’t quite look right, does it? A quick way to fix this is to look in your Icon directory and delete these two files (back them up first!): SWSmallToolbar.bmpSWLargeToolbar.bmp Deleting these files will force the SmarTeam integration to look at the icons stored in the actual application. Your icons will now look like this: Much better, I think! Based on the above information, it is possible for you to create your own icons, and put them into your icon directory. Just use the correct naming convention. We did notice, however, using large icons still look incorrect.  […]