Inflow Listens to Customers and Heads to Israel!

SmarTeam is planning for the future and wants to know what their customers and VARs have to say. Inflow Technology was invited by Enovia SmarTeam to attend a summit in Israel regarding the future of the SolidWorks integration. Scott Evans, our SmarTeam consulting manager, attended the gathering on behalf of Inflow and its customers. Before heading to Israel, Scott was able to touch base with some of our customers to get their input on what they would like to see in future versions. SmarTeam showed off their new technologies (unfortunately "Top Secret" to us) and listened to what the VARs had to say. This continues to showcase how SmarTeam is […]

Performance boost for solidworks-smarteam integration

To boost solidworks/smarteam performance, perform the following steps : 1. Open system configuration editor utility (Start/Programs/Smarteam/Administrative tools/System configuration editor) 2. In the search field, type "Solidworks.TRACE" 3. Click on "Add value", Select "Domain" override level and add "FALSE" 4. Save changes. I have noticed significant performance boost when smarteam integration starts with the above setting.

Using SolidWorks Simplified Configurations in SmarTeam

Simplified Configuration Extension (SCE) is a suffix added to a configuration that allows users to display and use multiple configurations while maintaining only ONE profile card. 1. In solidworks, Select smarteam menu and click on options. Type [*] in the simplified configuration extension field. 2. Start System configuration editor [Start/All programs/ Smarteam/ Administrative tools/System configuration editor] 3. Search for "simplified" in system configuration editor                       4. Click on legacy preferences.config setting 5. Select “Add Value” 6. Select “Domain” for the override level and add (*) for the value. Click on save changes 7. A part in solidworks with three configurations.. In this example, […]