Performance boost for solidworks-smarteam integration

To boost solidworks/smarteam performance, perform the following steps : 1. Open system configuration editor utility (Start/Programs/Smarteam/Administrative tools/System configuration editor) 2. In the search field, type "Solidworks.TRACE" 3. Click on "Add value", Select "Domain" override level and add "FALSE" 4. Save changes. I have noticed significant performance boost when smarteam integration starts with the above setting.

Using SolidWorks Simplified Configurations in SmarTeam

Simplified Configuration Extension (SCE) is a suffix added to a configuration that allows users to display and use multiple configurations while maintaining only ONE profile card. 1. In solidworks, Select smarteam menu and click on options. Type [*] in the simplified configuration extension field. 2. Start System configuration editor [Start/All programs/ Smarteam/ Administrative tools/System configuration editor] 3. Search for "simplified" in system configuration editor                       4. Click on legacy preferences.config setting 5. Select “Add Value” 6. Select “Domain” for the override level and add (*) for the value. Click on save changes 7. A part in solidworks with three configurations.. In this example, […]