Automatic EBOM Sync Functionality

How to run EBOM Sync automatically on check-in of SOLIDWORKS objects? Running EBOM sync on every SOLIDWORKS object that is checked-in to ENOVIA can be a time consuming task. With the following steps, EBOM sync will be executed automatically as soon as the SOLIDWORKS object is checked-in. 1. On the ENOVIA server, start Matrix. 2. Login as creator. 3. Search: Type – "SWNewArch_R216.HF2" [Note: make sure the correct GCO is selected] 4. Right click – Properties – Attributes 5. Set the value of "IEF-EBOMSynchOnDesignCreation" to "TRUE"

Adding Additional Columns in Windows Explorer

For users of SOLIDWORKS Connector, a bug in the ENOVIA system (R2014X FP1530) prevents users from accessing ENOVIA if the default columns in explorer are modified. This option is normally accessed by right-clicking the columns section as seen in example screenshot below. The workaround is to delete the user LCO object. This bug has been fixed in FP1538.

ENOVIA V6 Portfolio – Variant Management

The ENOVIA portfolio is organized into six themes directly impacting how a customer can achieve higher operating margins. Within these six themes, we have 183 specific processes or modules catering to those themes. The focus of this blog is Variant Management which is part of the Global Product Development portfolio. Variation is one of the key components to success in this highly competitive business environment. Customers want to see choices when selecting a product. It could be a simple consumable like toothpaste or purchase of an expensive car. Variant Management module helps companies develop products with variability. With ENOVIA Variant Management, companies can define conceptual product definitions that can be […]

How to use SSO Basic Authentication in Enovia 3DEXPERIENCE 2014X

With basic authentication, users will be prompted to enter their credentials on accessing the Enovia portal. A successful authentication will take the user directly to the Enovia web page. In enovia.ini, modify the value of MX_PAM_AUTHENTICATE_CLASS with "matrix.util.ServletAuthentication" Set the value of emxFramework.External.Authentication to "true" in file in C:\apache-tomee-plus-\webapps\enovia\WEB-INF\classes folder. Add the following at the end of the web.xml in your C:\apache-tomee-plus-\webapps\enovia\WEB-INF folder. <security-constraint> <web-resource-collection> <web-resource-name>SecurePages</web-resource-name> <description>Security constraint for resources in the secure directory</description> <url-pattern>*.jsp</url-pattern> <url-pattern>/servlet/*</url-pattern> <url-pattern>/workspace/*</url-pattern> <url-pattern>/services/*</url-pattern> <url-pattern>/SidlChunked/*</url-pattern> <url-pattern>/webservice/*</url-pattern> </web-resource-collection> <auth-constraint> <description>General Access</description> <role-name>*</role-name> </auth-constraint> <user-data-constraint> <description>SSL not required</description> <transport-guarantee>NONE</transport-guarantee> </user-data-constraint> </security-constraint> <login-config> <auth-method>BASIC</auth-method> </login-config> <security-role> <description>General Access</description> <role-name>*</role-name> </security-role> 4. Edit tomcat-users.xml located in C:\apache-tomee-plus-\conf                 Add the […]

How to Install SolidWorks Client Connector for Enovia 3DEXPERIENCE 2014X

Two components are needed for SolidWorks integration to the Enovia 2014x environment namely, IEF (Integration Exchange Framework Client) and SW connector for client. These installs are located in:  V6R2014x.AM_3DEXP_NativeApps.AllOS.1-11\AM_3DEXP_NativeApps.AllOS\1\DEK-ConnectorforSolidWork\ConnectorforSolidWorks.  Install Steps: 1. Install Java JRE (I use JDK7.51) 2. Install Integration Exchange Framework client x64. Ensure the correct URL path is entered for server.  3. Install Connector for Solidworks client  x64. Enter the View path or accept default (defaults to C:\ENOVIA) 4. To test, browse to windows explorer, double click on the Enovia icon and login.  

3DEXPERIENCE Client License

The following steps will ensure your 3DEXPERIENCE client license is setup correctly: On the client PC, go to ProgramData\DassaultSystemes\ folder (unhide if invisible) Create a folder named Licenses Within this folder, create a text file named "DSLicSrv" Add the "server hostname:4085" to the text file.

What is the current version/hot-fix on my Enovia system?

To find the current version and/or hot-fixes installed on the Enovia V6/3DEXPERIENCE system: Login to the enovia web portal and in the address bar, replace "emxNavigator.jsp" with "emxHelpAboutFS.jsp"  http://hostname:port\enovia\commom\emxHelpAboutFS.jsp   The result would be similar to the following: Each product module is listed independently including the version and the hot-fix.

3DExperience 2014x Enhancements for SolidWorks Connector

The SolidWorks connector for Enovia 3DExperience 2014x has many enhancements and some of the important ones are as follows: Copy Structure From the Windows Explorer, you can use Copy Structure to copy an assembly and its entire structure (subassemblies, parts, and drawings) to a folder in a Connector for SolidWorks workspace. Link from a file in X-CAD Design Management to Connector for SolidWorks When you unlock a file in X-CAD Design Management, you can immediately: Open the file in SolidWorks. Get a copy of the file in Connector for SolidWorks. Check out the file in Connector for SolidWorks. Get Latest Released Revision You can get the latest released revision of […]

Dassault releases Enovia V6 2014x (3D Experience)

Dassault Systemes recently released Enovia V6 2014x with a brand new interface.  Enovia V6 is now part of the new Dassault 3D Experience platform, which is a consolidated environment with many Dassault applications.  The new platform now provides for a single interface for PLM and other Dassault applications like CATIA, SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Conceptual, Delmia, and Simulia. For the Enovia brand, the core PLM functionality is still there.  However the interface allows for faster object creation, searching, and browsing in a much friendlier interface.  The new compass (see screenshots) allows users to quickly jump between Enovia and their "authoring" applications to keep users in the 3D Experience interface.   As we […]