3DExperience 2014x Enhancements for SolidWorks Connector

The SolidWorks connector for Enovia 3DExperience 2014x has many enhancements and some of the important ones are as follows: Copy Structure From the Windows Explorer, you can use Copy Structure to copy an assembly and its entire structure (subassemblies, parts, and drawings) to a folder in a Connector for SolidWorks workspace. Link from a file in X-CAD Design Management to Connector for SolidWorks When you unlock a file in X-CAD Design Management, you can immediately: Open the file in SolidWorks. Get a copy of the file in Connector for SolidWorks. Check out the file in Connector for SolidWorks. Get Latest Released Revision You can get the latest released revision of […]

Dassault releases Enovia V6 2014x (3D Experience)

Dassault Systemes recently released Enovia V6 2014x with a brand new interface.  Enovia V6 is now part of the new Dassault 3D Experience platform, which is a consolidated environment with many Dassault applications.  The new platform now provides for a single interface for PLM and other Dassault applications like CATIA, SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Conceptual, Delmia, and Simulia. For the Enovia brand, the core PLM functionality is still there.  However the interface allows for faster object creation, searching, and browsing in a much friendlier interface.  The new compass (see screenshots) allows users to quickly jump between Enovia and their "authoring" applications to keep users in the 3D Experience interface.   As we […]

Disable Auto-Name and use File Names in Enovia V62013x SolidWorks (SLW)

Dassault Systemes has released a fix pack for Enovia V6 2013x SLW that allows users to disable the auto-naming feature and use file names instead. Previously, when a SolidWorks file got created and saved into the V6 system, the name was auto-generated, for example, A-0000001. Standard Fix Pack FP.CFA.1404 has added a new key called "MCADInteg-NamingStrategy" which has two choices "Always from File" or "Always Number". This key will now be found in the attributes for SolidWorks-GlobalConfig type. Data Card in SolidWorks after changing the setting to "Always from File" Under Workspace Folder –  

Enovia V6 Portfolio – What is Engineering Central?

The Enovia V6 2013x portfolio contains 100+ dedicated OOTB applications for every industry ranging from Apparels to Aerospace. Every one of these applications will belong to one or more of four domains namely: 1. Unified Live Collaboration 2. IP Lifecycle Management 3. Global Sourcing 4. Governance These four domains have sub-domains of their own but in basic terms each domain manages the following areas: Unified Live Collaboration includes tools that provide Setup/Management of Database schema, Indexing and Search. It also provides a SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) that integrates with other enterprise systems including ERP. IP Lifecycle Management covers CAD integrations, Bill-of-Material management, Workspace, Library system, Engineering change process. Global Sourcing […]

Enovia V6 2012x – Accessing CAD data in the web client

In previous posts, I showed how to use SolidWorks while integrated with the Enovia V6 PLM system.  You can open data directly in SolidWorks to modify parts, assemblies, and drawings, but interact with Enovia at the same time.  In this video, I will be showing how engineers or other users access the SolidWorks data from the Enovia V6 web client.  This is the interface other departments will use to upload documentation, participate in processes, or view the CAD data.  Stay tuned for more videos on Enovia V6.  I plan to submit one on synchronizing your CAD with your Engineering BOM, Engineering Change, and Program/Project Management.  For more info, visit www.inflow-tech.com.

Enovia V6 2012x SolidWorks Integration

In a previous post, I showed how users could access their CAD files using the Windows Explorer Enovia V6 client.  The Windows Explorer integration is one way to browse and open files into SolidWorks from your Enovia V6 workspace.  In this video, you will see how to use the SolidWorks integration in SolidWorks. Many Enovia operations can be performed from the Task Pane on the right side of the SolidWorks session or from the right mouse click.  You will also be able to perform major operations from the SolidWorks command manager (the ribbon at the top of the SolidWorks session).   Stay tuned for more Enovia V6 videos.  Visit us […]

Enovia V6 2012x SolidWorks Integration

With the 2012 release of Enovia V6, there is a new Enovia integration with SolidWorks.  Rumor has it the integration (called SLW) is actually being developed by the same developers of Enterprise PDM, the very popular SolidWorks PDM product.  Having used both Enovia V6 and EPDM, the SolidWorks Integrations are nearly identical. Check out the video below.  This particular video shows one way SolidWorks users will access their SolidWorks files using the V6 client.  This Windows Explorer client shows how the Enovia workspace can integrate into Windows Explorer so that the workspace folders can be easily navigated.  The users can access files from Windows Explorer, the Enovia Web Client, or […]