How To Use Copy Tree 2015: The Basics

EPDM 2015 has given copy tree some more power than previous versions as well as fixes a few bugs that were there previously. For those of you have not used this before, the copy tree function is EPDM's take on SolidWorks Pack n' Go feature. With this tool, you will be able to move files around and outside of the vault while keeping their reference to each other. Many designers prefer creating new parts and assemblies from geometry that exists. Most will use a save as function in SolidWorks, but will then have to spend time finding the references for that new part. Using the copy tree allows a user […]

How to Manually Delete File Vault Views and Why You Would Need to.

Disclaimer: I'd like to first mention that this blog article and solution should only be attempted by EPDM admin and IT. As it does require admin rights on the local machine to edit registry keys, without proper knowledge of the registry key it is very easy to compromise your machine. Also, this blog is intended for use in situations where the vault is already corrupt or not working properly. For people just wanting to replace their view, use the standard procedure for adding and removing the file vault view. Please be sure to always check in all files into vault if possible or at least have copies saved in another […]

SOLIDWORKS & EPDM Full Downloads

If you've used SOLIDWORKS for more than a year you've likely needed to download an update. Those of us who've been around even longer know that this takes a bit of time and its worth getting right. For the newer folks it can be a little confusing so I'm putting this blog together to make it easy for everyone to get what they need so they're ready to go when the time comes. Note: Having a Full Download will allow you to install without requiring any previous versions or service packs.     FIRST, the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal Login. If you're doing any sort of SOLIDWORKS Admin stuff, get yourself […]


SOLIDWORKS World is an annual international user conference for all things SOLIDWORKS. Each year 5000+ users come together to share information and ideas related to the engineering process. At the following link you can find the presentations from this years as well as previous years:   Enjoy! Jim Krivoshein – PLM Consultant InFlow Technology

SolidWorks World Attendees

If you are attending SolidWorks World 2015 in February, look on the agenda for InFlow team members, Justin Webster, Jeff Barker, and Ryan Dally.  We will be there presenting on EPDM and Driveworks.  Here are the topics: Configuring the new EPDM Web application – Justin Webster EPDM Migration Tips and Techniques – Jeff Barker Driveworks Hands-On – Ryan Dally See you in Phoenix!  For information on InFlow Technology, please visit us at

Indexing Services for 2014 EPDM Content Search No Longer Available on Windows Server 2012

If you are planning to upgrade your SolidWorks Enterprise PDM server operating system in the near future, you may want to reconsider if you use Content Searching in EPDM. Content Searching will search the text contents and properties of a document. Enterprise PDM content search uses the Microsoft Indexing Service to create a catalog for each indexed vault. The catalog contains index information and stored properties for all versions of all documents in the vault archive folders. In Windows Server 2012, Microsoft discontinued the Indexing Service and replaced it with Microsoft Search Server Express for the server search side. Even though EPDM 2014 is supported on Windows Server 2012, the […]


A summary of the exciting new features! • Automated Cache Management : New options for managing user and group caches are available. Clear the cache on logout and refresh on login (Get Latest Version on folder contents) provide often requested functionality. • Consolidated Delayed in State Notifications:  Files set to notify when “delayed in state” for a specified period of time are now consolidated into a single summary notification. Previously each file had a notification email which could be overwhelming in heavy traffic environments. • Dynamic Notification Recipients Filter:  When specifying dynamic notification recipients now, a filter field to eliminate long scrolling sessions for large user bases is provided. • […]

Script to kill all connections to a database

Whether you are restoring an EPDM Database or modified tables in an existing EPDM Database, you are required to stop connections to the database before continuing. Most of the time you can simply stop the SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Archive and Database services and that should kill the connections. However, sometimes this is not enough and this is where this script comes in handy. USE master GO ALTER DATABASE YourDatabaseName SET OFFLINE WITH ROLLBACK IMMEDIATE GO  

Solidworks VBA Editor stops working

SCENARIO:  From Solidworks application try to start Macro Editor. Either new or edit existing macro. ISSUE: Mouse would go to hour glass and then back to pointer, but VBA Editor would not open. Looking at event log there would be entries related to swVBAserver.exe crashing. TROUBLESHOOTING: Tried repairing Solidworks installation – No effect Tried clearing user registry settings for Solidworks – no effect Tried logging in as different user – VBA Editor worked !!!!   RESOLUTION: 1. Exported registry settings for ????HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VBA from working user 2. Logged in as non working user 3. Exported registry settings for HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VBA as a back-up 4. Deleted registry entry for HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VBA 5. Imported registry created […]

Paint, grease and other consumables? Let me count the ways…..

In this blog let’s take a look at how and why companies are quantifying consumables in BOM’s First off let’s assume to get an account of consumables in assemblies, customers are creating actual part models of such things.   Sound funny?  Not so much, when companies are using parametric designs to create complete and accurate BOM’s to pass along to ERP systems and or purchasing type folks.  How does it work?  By changing the predefined quantity of "1" in the custom properties of a part.  SolidWorks can create complete and accurate BOM's.  In this example, let’s assume we need to quantify grease.  Let’s also assume that we use, approximately .005 ounces […]