Social networking sites connecting vendors and customers

"It seems that you can't turn a corner these days without hearing something about social media or Web 2.0. Recently, vendors and channel partners alike have been catching on to this trend, with large vendors such as Cisco and Oracle implementing social networking sites to communicate with their channel partners."   "Social media is changing the way vendors communicate with partners and the way partners communicate with customers. Partners have always been innovative in finding new ways to communicate with customers, according to Jim Moffat, a U.K.-based sales channels consultant to IT and telecom vendors. Social media is just the next step" "Social networking also provides more opportunities for reaching […]

The Undocumented Documented “Document Manager DLL”

Huh, what was that? There is a little known feature of SolidWorks called the Document Manager Dll, and it is actually very well documented! A few years ago I ran across a posting about how programmers were able to extract custom property information from a SolidWorks part file without having SolidWorks open. As I looked into it further, I found that this was done by accessing a special dll named SwDocumentMgr.dll. If you have SolidWorks installed, the actual dll can be found in the  C:\Program Files\Common Files\SolidWorks Shared directory. So, what can you do with this little wonder object?     – You can Get and Set the custom/configuration specific properties.  […]

SolidWorks Releases PDMWorks Enterprise 2008

This is a release  we at InFlow have been looking forward to for a while. SolidWorks Corporation today unveiled PDMWorks Enterprise 2008. SolidWorks has done a great job of listening to what is going on in the field and improving an already strong product. We  will be talking about the specifics as time goes on, but to give you a taste of whats new … Improved support of SolidWorks Configurations This has gone from a weak spot for PDMWE to a true strength. The new version allows access to the structure of each configuration without launching SolidWorks. This information can also be used to create reports and BOMs. Better control […]

No one wants to buy PLM…Part 6 of an infinite series

I am a PLM sales person…and the title of this blog entry may imply that I am whining about my job. While I am not immune to the occasional emotional episode / mild tantrum, the title of this blog entry has a purpose. I assure you that this purpose has nothing to do with my emotional state. Companies that contact InFlow are generally not looking to buy a PLM solution. Rather, they are looking to solve complex issues in their organization. Often times, the connection between the issue and the definition of PLM is somewhat cloudy. Therefore, my goal in this series is to discuss some of these challenges that […]

SW2007 API changes

Do you have code that uses Block or Symbol insertions?  If so, then this Blog is for you! It seems that something has changed in the New SW2007 API.  We are working with SW to further understand what has changed. In the past, we were able to simply insert Blocks fairly easy      swModel.EditSketch     Set BlockInstance1A = swModel.InsertBlock("c:\flat_coated.SLDBLK", 0.0254, 0.0254, 0, 0#) Here is a sample bit of code that seems to work fine now for Blocks:   Private Sub Command2_Click()    Dim swModel As SldWorks.ModelDoc2    Dim BlockFName1 As String            ‘Attach to running instance of SolidWorks    If swApp Is Nothing Then Set […]

New 64-Bit OS and old software compatibility

If you get .DLL register errors and on your old 32-bit system the fix was to put them into the System32 dir and register them, try dropping it into the SysWOW64 folder instead. For those that don’t know, WOW means Windows On Windows. This has been around since we went from the 16 bit windows3.1 to Win95. Looks like we now have a 32/64 bit equivalent. If you have trouble with dlls and ocxs on 64 bit machines remember the SysWoW64 folder and give it a try! Inflow Technology

PLM – What does it REALLY Mean?

What is PLM Really? It has been defined and redefined by the marketing departments of many companies. The definitions chosen depend on the definer. The ERP (MRP II (MRP)) companies like to push PLM in the BOM direction, a position of strength for them. The CAD companies lean toward the file management & workflow, topics more in their wheelhouse. Personally, I think the term has been rendered useless. So, I will bravely step into the void left by so much marketing effort on three little letters and declare, with apologies to our president, "I am the definer". What can I hurt at this point? Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) The way […]


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