PDM search from the command line

Today I set a goal for myself to figure out a way to search for files in my PDM Pro vault from the command line. It is true that I can start the search tool from the command line. (<install dir>\search.exe), but I wanted something faster. I just want to type the command and a file name, hit enter, and have my file appear in Windows Explorer right before my eyes. I certainly could create an application with Visual Studio, PDM Pro has a very nice API, but I wanted something lighter…and something that would maybe give you some ideas of other things you could quickly do from the command […]

SOLIDWORKS 2019 What’s New –SOLIDWORKS PDM Inspection Integration– #SW2019

With the introduction of SOLIDWORKS 2019, SOLIDWORKS Inspection users will now have integration with SOLIDWORKS PDM. This will include variable mapping, reference management, and a new SOLIDWORKS PDM ribbon in the stand-alone SOLIDWORKS Inspection application. With all these new tools, SOLIDWORKS Inspection users will start to see the same ease of use as SOLIDWORKS, Office, and Draftsight users in SOLIDWORKS PDM. Here is a closer look into the capabilities of these three new components: Variable Mapping: This new update will allow for mapping into two SOLIDWORKS Inspection blocks: SWIPrjProperty and SWICustomProperty. The SWIPrjProperty block will define mapping for the SOLIDWORKS Inspection Project Properties. This includes six predefined Read/Write attributes: Part […]

SOLIDWORKS PDM 2019 What’s New – File Shortcut Menu – #SW2019

SOLIDWORKS 2019 What’s New – File Shortcut Menu – #SW2019 This 2019 release of SOLIDWORKS PDM will have updates to accessibility to specific PDM functions, such as Check-In or Get Latest, throughout the vault. This blog will focus on the Right Mouse Click menu in specific tabs on the Window Explorer. In previous versions of SOLIDWORKS PDM, the File Shortcut Menu was only available in the Windows Explorer File View. This meant that right clicking on a file that you would find in areas such as the Where Used or BOM tabs gave you limited functionality. You couldn’t check these files out or move them through the workflow. To do […]

SOLIDWORKS PDM 2019 What’s New – Mixed Authentication Support – #SW2019

In SOLIDWORKS PDM Pro, Windows login to the vault gives users access to their files quickly and easily. However, prior to SOLIDWORKS PDM Pro 2019 and when using Windows login, if a user didn’t exist in the domain they couldn’t connect to a vault (besides the Admin user). In other words, a single login type for all vault users was required. This made situations such as testing or giving vault access to users (vendors, customers, etc.) that didn’t exist on the domain difficult. Now with PDM Pro 2019 a vault admin can set the option to allow users vault access as Microsoft Windows users and SOLIDWORKS PDM users. Having a […]

SOLIDWORKS 2019 What’s New – User Comments – #SW2019

This 2019 release will feature enhanced granularity in mandatory comment control, now including mandatory state change options, and check-in/version comments. This means that you have the ability to now make commenting on state changes mandatory, creating the opportunity for more detailed document history. If you go into the PDM Administration tool, you’ll find the following new options: Must enter version comments Must enter state change comments As found in Administrative Permissions for a group shown below: As found in state permissions from the group properties dialog box shown below: As found in transition permissions from the group properties dialog box shown below: Because this is controlled at both the administrative […]

SOLIDWORKS 2019 What’s New – Conditional Notifications in PDM Workflows (PDM Professional Only) – #SW2019

New functionality in SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional 2019 is the introduction of Conditional Notifications in Workflows. Prior to the 2019 release of SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional, notifications would be sent to users (or groups of users) during a transition between states. While the you could make the recipients of the notification dynamic (selectable by the user performing the transition), there was not a way to define when to not send the notification at all. With 2019, in the Workflow editor, you can create a new type of notification called a Conditional Notification. Conditional Notifications work, like you may have guessed like Transition Conditions. The difference being that while Transitions Conditions are used […]

What’s new in PDM Pro 2018 API

My inbox has been blowing up since my last PDM API blog post talking about the new ability to add and customize a new PDM Pro tab in the user interface. Since you all showed me so much love, I thought I would return the favor and go through the other new APIs that are in PDM Pro 2018. (You can always find this information yourself through the release notes, but I’m going to try to give you some real-world examples where I can imagine you may want to use these.) Get the ID of the view in which a file is checked out. (See IEdmFile14::LockedOnViewID.) This returns the vault […]

There’s a new PDM tab in town!

It has been a while since we PDM Pro API guys have had anything new to cheer about during the What’s New in PDM events. I suppose it is true that the PDM “Release Notes” have always had a handful of new structures or interfaces, but the new IEdmCmdMgr6 interface in PDM Pro 2018 gives us the ability to add our own custom tabs to the Windows Explorer interface. This, my friends, is pretty darn cool. This tab can contain anything you want… Build a custom control, then in your API project, send the custom control to CommandManager with the new “AddVaultViewTab” method. Here are some quick ideas on what […]

Updating your Solidworks PDM Add ins

What are Solidworks PDM Add ins and why do I need to update them? Add ins are managed in the Solidworks PDM Administration Tool and provide additional functionality either out of the box in the case of PDF conversion and dispatch or custom programming solutions. Add ins are currently unique to PDM Professional users. When do you need to Update your Add ins? Add ins should be updated whenever you update your version or service pack of Solidworks PDM to ensure proper functionality. Add ins are not updated automatically by your installer and require manual updating. How to update your Add ins… Upgrade your Solidworks PDM Server and at least […]

PDM Pro Exclusive Features

SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard and Pro are both robust data management solutions. However, PDM Pro has a number of exclusive features, any one of which could be a significant piece of a company’s data management solution. Let’s look at some of those features. Replication This feature allows companies to share data across multiple locations. Each location has its own archive server, this is where all vaulted files, both CAD and other, are stored. Data created each day at one location can be shared, via a set schedule, with each other location. Because files are local they are fast to retrieve. Each archive server works in conjunction with a single SQL database […]