PDMWorks Enterprise 2008 Improves Security Options

With the launch of PDMWorks 2008 SP2, there is a new security option that is available for use.  Now users can choose to select specific files and decide whether or not they want to share the files with other users or block access.  To control the permissions, right-click on a file, Properties, and go to the permissions tab.  See image: Here is a little summary:  Before this addition, the security of a file was typically determined by vault location and lifecycle state.  In other words, if you were in the engineering department, and you had rights to see all files in the "New Projects" vault, then you could see all […]

Blank Drawing Data Cards????

Having issues getting information into a drawing data card even though the titleblock is filled out and the part data card is completely filled out? Well PDMWorks Enterprise 2008 has the answer. Just follow these steps: Create an additional block/attribute mapping for just the drawing extension (slddrw). Use the block name “$PRPSHEET” (note that it must be spelled with capital letters) and the attribute name should be the property you want to retrieve from the model, for example “Description”. Note to keep the existing description custom property mapping for the drawing as well. (i.e. CustomProperty/Description). NOTES • The PDMWorks Enterprise SolidWorks add-in must be enabled. • The linked properties will […]

PDMWorks Enterprise…Why so blue?

For those who use PDMWorks Enterprise, you may have noticed a time when all your folders turn from green to blue (see image on left).  You may think your PDM system is sad, and then you may become sad because you will quickly realize that you can’t see the file data card, you can’t search, and you can’t see all the files.  Your menus will be disabled and even if you reboot, the folders will not go green again.  Weird, huh? Well, the truth is that you are simply in offline mode.  This mode is available so users can work while not connected to the vault.  In Offline mode, users […]

I ain’t afraid of no Ghosts…

In the spirit of Halloween, I want to tell you a ghost story.  This ghost story is about something scary for PDM administrators.  I am talking of course, about PDMWorks Enterprise ghosts, a frightening apparition to those who do not understand.  Here is the 411.  A PDMWorks Enterprise ghost object is created when a file or folder is downloaded to a local user’s cache, but then later removed from the vault.  When this happens, as the picture shows, the folder or file becomes light gray in the cache, thus giving it a ghost-like appearance.   This will happen if a user has already cached a file or folder and then […]

PDMWorks Enterprise 2008 License flexibility

With the release PDMWorks Enterprise 2008, there are some enhancements related to how the client licenses are used.  In previous versions, the administrator had to decide the license type that a user needed up front and the user could not change it after the initial installation.  For example, if a user needed read/write license only 10% of the time, and view only access 90% of the time, the user still needed a PDMWorks Enterprise contributor license or "editor" license.  Now the user can change the license type by opening the Administration tool, selecting help, and choosing the required license from the drop down list (see attached image).  The user has […]

What to Do When PDMWorks Workgroup Gets Spooky

PDMWorks Workgroup is a great tool for keeping your team working together. It can, at times, get a little bit strange in it’s behavior. This time of year, one might be tempted to blame ghosts or the supernatural, but there are a couple of more rational things to check before blaming the phase of the moon. The first trick has been discussed here before. It is a good practice to stop and start the vault on a regular basis. When the PDMWorks vault has been running for an extended period of time, it can become less reliable and less responsive.  Check the link above on how to set up your […]

PDMWorks Enterprise 2008 ERP Export and Import

Recently there was a post announcing the release of PDMWorks Enterprise 2008.  This product has some new import and export capabilities to exchange information with other applications, such as ERP or CRM.  Here is what you can do: Create sets of variable aliases to map PDMWorks Enterprise BOM variables to ERP data Import data from an ERP application into SolidWorks by creating import rules Export data from SolidWorks to an ERP application by creating export rules Import ERP data to populate PDMWorks Enterprise lists (drop down menus on data cards) Here are some screenshots.  The first screenshot shows the mapping for exporting from SolidWorks.  The second screenshot shows a workflow […]

DWG Viewing options for PDMWorks Enterprise

As you may or may not know, PDMWorks Enterprise supports the viewing and revision control of DWG (AutoCAD) files as well as SolidWorks.  When it comes to viewing DWG, you do have options.  The Preview tab will automatically choose True View, VoloView, or eDrawings depending on which you have installed on the client machine.  When installing PDMWorks Enterprise, it will automatically install eDrawings, but if you have True View or Voloview, it will use one of those viewers instead.  PDMWorks Enterprise uses the following order when selecting the viewer: 1. Trueview2. Volo® View 3. eDrawings4. Saved bitmap in file If you have Trueview or Voloview installed and you want to […]

SolidWorks Releases PDMWorks Enterprise 2008

This is a release  we at InFlow have been looking forward to for a while. SolidWorks Corporation today unveiled PDMWorks Enterprise 2008. SolidWorks has done a great job of listening to what is going on in the field and improving an already strong product. We  will be talking about the specifics as time goes on, but to give you a taste of whats new … Improved support of SolidWorks Configurations This has gone from a weak spot for PDMWE to a true strength. The new version allows access to the structure of each configuration without launching SolidWorks. This information can also be used to create reports and BOMs. Better control […]