Installing SolidWorks Explorer without PDMWorks Workgroup

By Kevin Schmitt – Inflow Technology With the increased functionality of the free SolidWorks Explorer download in SolidWorks 2007, it’s use is becoming much more prevalent.  Even though it replaces the PDMWorks Workgroup stand alone client, not everyone will choose to use it for this purpose.  The problem is that sometimes when SolidWorks Explorer is installed without the PDMWorks Workgroup add-in, it will show that the PDMWorks Workgroup add-in is active.  The add-in check box will be checked, yet grayed out and unchangeable. Despite the fact the box is checked, none of the PDMWorks Workgroup functionality will be available within SolidWorks Explorer.  This problem should only occur on machines that […]

Enterprise Gets Flexible Notification!

PDMWorks Enterprise will allow you to notify participants of a WorkFlow during changes in a process. However, the users that are notified are static and set up during the creation of the process. Inflow has addressed a need and has provided a solution to our customers that allow them to selectively choose users during a change in the process at runtime. The customer merely sets up what WorkFlow "Transitions" require runtime notification. As the process traverses each state in the WorkFlow, the user will be prompted for whom should be notified.  The notifications are carried out using PDMWorks Enterprise’s notification subsystem. Therefore, depending on how you have the system setup, […]

PDMWorks Workgroup – Vault Cycle

It has been found that after long periods of uptime, the PDMWorks Server process can become less reliable and less responsive. Starting and Stopping the process, and allowing it to rebuild its internal tables has been shown to improve this situation. The following process will allow you to set this up on a recurring basis. The example below has been created on Windows XP, a similar procedure will also work for any host OS supported by PDMWorks.The following procedure must be done by an IT administrator on the computer that is host to the PDMWorks Server process. Step 1 – Create a command fileIn the example the file is called […]

Displaying Quantity in a PDMWorks Workgroup Report

One of the most common questions on PDMWorks Workgroup and reporting is: Why is the quantity always blank in reports? As you can see in the report, the quantity always appears to be blank. This, it turns out, is one of those cases of a computer doing exactly what you are asking for, instead of what you want. The issue is that PDMWorks native mode is to give you information on the files themselves. The quantity can vary depending on the revision of the files and the specific configuration. So until you specify both Revision and Specification, the quantity field will be blank. To specify Revision and Configuration, simply select […]