SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional 2016 Upgrade Tip

For those users looking to upgrade to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional from Enterprise PDM or those looking to simply upgrade to the latest service pack, you have to make sure to upgrade your database.  In previous versions, the upgrade utility was in the service pack download.  In 2016, PDM is included in the SOLIDWORKS installation process, so you now have to look for the upgrade tool in that location.  The default location (which you can change during installation) is located here: "C:\Users\loginname\Documents\SolidWorks Downloads\SOLIDWORKS 2016 x64 SP02\swpdmserver\Upgrade" Run the upgrade.exe tool to upgrade your database.  You will want to make sure you back up your database first, unless you want to risk […]

Activating Archive Server Compression in SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional

When using SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional (Enterprise PDM), the vault can occupy large amounts of disk space due to all the versions being stored from day to day. To save on disk space, you may want to enable compression on the archive server. Enabling compression will automatically compress all older versions in the vault, leaving the latest version uncompressed. As users request older versions, those files are uncompressed on-demand when they are sent to the user. However, on the server, they remain compressed to save on disk space. Below are the steps for enabling compression manually. Keep in mind that each archive server has to be set up individually. Because each […]

Enterprise PDM/SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional: Upgrade Test Licensing

Enterprise PDM, soon to be known as PDM Professional, has undergone some changes in terms of licensing in 2015 and later. No longer will a new license file be needed to upgrade from one major release to another. Instead, PDM will be utilizing the same type of SolidNetworkLicense Manager as SOLIDWORKS has been using for years. This allows all of the PDM license to be updated and activated online using the serial numbers that you can access from the SOLIDWORKS customer portal. However, this may pose as an issue if you are looking to set up a new test environment for upgrading. If you are setting up a brand new […]

Enterprise PDM: Unexpected Incorrect User Password

There have been some recent instances where a user may attempt to log into Enterprise PDM, only to see a SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Login error claiming that “The entered user name or password is incorrect”. This may happen even though the user has logged into Windows using the exact same credentials, no passwords were recently changed and IT has not made any changes to the server. This can be caused by inconsistencies between the cached user information on the local servers and network location. There a few options that can be taken to gain access to the vault again: The user could simply reset their Windows password, reboot their machine […]

SOLIDWORKS PDM 2016 Set Revision Feature

One of the new features in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2016 relates back to a question that has been posed by nearly every one of our PDM customers. Question: How can I set the revision of a file to something other than the default? The previous answer involved a complicated sorting workflow or custom application.  In SW PDM 2016, the feature is now available out of the box.  Essentially, a user can chose to "Set Revision" and pick from a drop down list, or have the system read directly from the value entered on the datacard. You can see from the screenshot that the system shows the current revision is blank, the next revision […]


Just this week SOLIDWORKS announced the pre-release of SOLIDWORKS 2016.  Included in the release is a face lift on ENTERPRISE PDM, which includes a name change to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional.  No longer will the EPDM abbreviation be used, but instead the product naming will line up with the other products distributed by SOLIDWORKS (i.e. SIMULATION).  In addition, SOLIDWORKS is launching a brand new product for PDM called SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard.  This product will be a trimmed down version of SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional (formally EPDM), designed for smaller teams of engineers at a single site.  More blogs will come out in the coming weeks with the new look, new features, and Standard vs. […]

How To Use Copy Tree 2015: The Basics

EPDM 2015 has given copy tree some more power than previous versions as well as fixes a few bugs that were there previously. For those of you have not used this before, the copy tree function is EPDM's take on SolidWorks Pack n' Go feature. With this tool, you will be able to move files around and outside of the vault while keeping their reference to each other. Many designers prefer creating new parts and assemblies from geometry that exists. Most will use a save as function in SolidWorks, but will then have to spend time finding the references for that new part. Using the copy tree allows a user […]

How to Manually Delete File Vault Views and Why You Would Need to.

Disclaimer: I'd like to first mention that this blog article and solution should only be attempted by EPDM admin and IT. As it does require admin rights on the local machine to edit registry keys, without proper knowledge of the registry key it is very easy to compromise your machine. Also, this blog is intended for use in situations where the vault is already corrupt or not working properly. For people just wanting to replace their view, use the standard procedure for adding and removing the file vault view. Please be sure to always check in all files into vault if possible or at least have copies saved in another […]

SOLIDWORKS ENTERPRISE PDM – Notification Questions

  We have received many questions related to the notification process in SOLIDWORKS ENTERPRISE PDM.  For example, where do the messages get originated?  Is there a record of the messages?  Here is some general information to help you understand the EPDM messaging process (pulled from the SOLIDWORKS knowledgebase): Where are the messages originated? The "originator" of the SMTP message is different depending on what type of message is created. If selecting "notify a colleague" and write a message directly to another user, and SMTP is active, the message will be sent from the workstation to the SMTP server specified in mail settings.If it is an "automatic" notification, such as workflow […]

SOLIDWORKS & EPDM Full Downloads

If you've used SOLIDWORKS for more than a year you've likely needed to download an update. Those of us who've been around even longer know that this takes a bit of time and its worth getting right. For the newer folks it can be a little confusing so I'm putting this blog together to make it easy for everyone to get what they need so they're ready to go when the time comes. Note: Having a Full Download will allow you to install without requiring any previous versions or service packs.     FIRST, the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal Login. If you're doing any sort of SOLIDWORKS Admin stuff, get yourself […]