What’s new in Solidworks 2017? Rollbacks now include their references!

What’s new in Solidworks PDM 2017? Rollback a file with references! Rollbacks, what are they all about? Rolling back a file in PDM is often a last resort for returning a file to a previous state or version (and I’d like to add that I always recommend against using it, as most the time you can check a file out, get a previous version, then overwrite the current version with the older version) Now, with all that said, one of the biggest pains can be rolling back individual files because their references can become all sorts of jumbled, and you’ll have version mismatches here and there, and it becomes a […]

Decoding PLM – What’s a “data driven architecture”?

Don’t be scared off by the title of this post, it sounds complicated but it really isn’t that bad. Let me explain using movie rentals as an example. We used to roam the video store to find one we wanted to watch and hope it wasn’t checked out already. In the really old days, we had to “be kind and rewind” before racing back to the video store 5 minutes before they closed to return the movie the day it was due back to avoid penalty and those shaming looks from the clerk. Today we stream movies directly from their source and have eliminated the need for getting the physical […]

SOLIDWORKS PDM – Wildcards in Search Cards and How to Tame Them

The search cards in PDM allow you to refine your search using a number of parameters: file name, description, file owner, workflow state, and so on.  But, what if you don’t know exactly what words you’re searching for?  Enter wildcards. Wildcards are nothing new in searching, but this article will help explain how they are used in PDM. Typing in a single word will act with “implied” wildcards – one at the beginning of the word and one at the end.  Thus, searching my vault for “pin” yields many results, mostly with “pin” somewhere in the middle of the word.     What may be unexpected is that, when a standard […]

Solidworks PDM Permissions Revisited

In Enterprise PDM 2015, additional permissions were made available.  Settings Permissions tends to be one of the more confusing tasks for a PDM Administrator due to the different types of permissions that can overlap and intersect with each other.  The new permissions are: Move Folder Delete Folder Add or Rename folder Move File In Prior versions it was required to have both the ability to Add a Folder or File to the Destination and Delete it from the source to perform a move. In order to perform one of these operations on a file or folder, the user will need a combination of both folder and state permissions in both source and […]

2016 PDM Pro – Installing Web 2

For 2016, Web 2 is now included in the installer along with SolidWorks. For many this is a blessing as Web 2 has always been a separate installation. Many will attempt to install Web 2 with PDM Pro 2016, but be wary. The intention of this blog post today is not on how to install the Web 2 client onto a server (refer to SolidWorks PDM Web Server Guide), but rather to warn you before Installation. Something that many do not know or have not noticed, is that there are prerequisites for the Web 2 installation. It means, ironically, that admin needs to get a hold of the installation guide […]

Enovia 3DEXPERIENCE 2015x – What’s New! 2015x vs 2014x Part 3

Welcome back for part 3 of this series in what's new for Enovia 2015x. In this part of the series, I will be finishing up on what's new for the connector. Below are the last of the improvements, Enjoy!   Lifecycle Promotion In 2015x, a new feature was added to the command manager in SolidWorks which may be my favorite add on yet; you are able to promote! For those of you who have never used Enovia before (or those that have and know this all too well), in previous versions the user was required to promote outside of SolidWorks. This meant checking out you part, doing your engineering change, […]

Enovia 3DEXPERIENCE 2015x – What’s New! 2015x vs 2014x Part 1

For those that may not have known, Dassault Systemes held their annual Value Solutions Sales Convention of the Americas last week in Miami Florida. The InFlow Technology Team had the pleasure of attending this year’s conference and the opportunity to see what’s new inside of Enovia for 2015. Over the course of the next few weeks, I will write a series of blogs with the new improvements of 2015x versus 2014x. The majority of improvements this year mainly reside in the background, upgrading performance and capability behind the scenes. So for the first few parts of this series I’d like to focus on the improvements we can see in the […]

SOLIDWORKS EPDM Administration – Fishing Guides – 2016 Update

It's been said if you give a person a fish you feed them for a day, teach them to fish and you feed them for a lifetime. In this article we'll show you a couple of good fishing holes for EPDM Administration. Last year we started by having you download the Enterprise PDM Product from the Customer Portal. Click "Here" for last years blog. This year some things have changed; First, Enterprise PDM has been given a new name. SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional. A new product SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard has been created as replacement/alternative to the WorkgroupPDM product. Second, the SOLIDWORKS download now includes BOTH of these products and the previous […]

32-bit options for EPDM

Recently Inflow Technology has had a few calls regarding support for Windows OS 32bit. So here is the general information below regarding Dassault Systemes current support for the 32 bit systems out there, and what they plan to do in the future. Currently, DS does support some options for Windows 7 32-bit configurations, but ONLY FOR VIEWER AND CONTRIBUTORS. If the user is an editor, that client machine must be running 64-bit as SolidWorks is only available in 64-bit. It's important to note that this will be the very last version of EPDM that will have any 32-bit support. From 2016 and on there will only be 64-bit versions. That […]