How to: Generate a PDF during a Release Process using WorkFlow in ePDM

Generating PDFs for SolidWorks drawings is a common request by our customers. Here is a step-by-step process to add this to your workflow in Enterprise PDM. By following these steps, you can produce secure, flat files that can be shared with users via email or in other departments. You can also speed up design time by eliminating the manual process of saving out multiple file types. You can use this same process to automatically create step files, IGES, Parasolids, pretty much any file type you can “save-as” out to SolidWorks. If you need more assistance or have questions, please contact Inflow Technology Support at 888-285-2285 or at Ryan Dally […]

Create an Enterprise PDM Report

Enterprise PDM comes with an extremely capable search tool, however there are instances where some advanced reporting is necessary. Typically this more in depth information can easily be acquired by an administrator creating an SQL query to access that information. But what about the rest of the users who don’t have access to the SQL Server Management Studio yet still to search for this information? That is where the Enterprise PDM Report tool comes in handy! Creating a report for Enterprise PDM is relatively easy, but it does involve some additional coding on top of the standard SQL query. Below is the text for a standard template for creating a […]

SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM 2015 Beta 1 is available

Contact InFlow for best practices and requirements regarding Beta participation Support Number 888.285.2284 or We are excited to announce that SOLIDWORKS® 2015 Beta 1 is available for download now! All subscription customers are eligible to participate, no sign-up is required. SOLIDWORKS EPDM 2015 includes many user-driven enhancements that are centered around: Improving everyday productivity Optimizing product design processes and workflows Streamlining manufacturing processes with new integrated capabilities Improving everyday productivity The SOLIDWORKS Beta website is your resource for access to the SOLIDWORKS 2015 Beta download, forum, contest leader board and much more. The SOLIDWORKS Beta program is an active and vibrant community where you can interact directly with the […]

SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM Service Pack 4 is now available

EPDM Community, InFlow has a team of SolidWorks Enterprise PDM professionals that can provide consulting upgrade solutions packages ranging from a “start-to-finish upgrade” or just “best practices” to ensure a successful transition. For “do it yourself” upgrades that develop issues, the InFlow support team can be available for help or assistance during normal business hours, but may need to schedule dedicated additional paid consulting time based on the complexity of the issue. We will do our best to make sure the issues are resolved in the shortest time possible. You can contact us by phone at 800-875-3009 or email An upgrade to the latest SolidWorks Enterprise PDM should not […]

Reporting Duplicate Filenames in EPDM

In SolidWorks Enterprise PDM, you have an option to allow or not allow duplicates in the vault.  Some companies have a valid reason to allow duplicates or they have migrated duplicates into their vault from a network drive, hoping to clean them up one day.  If you need a way to find the duplicates, just run the report file attached to this blog post.  You will need access to report generator (located under the tools menu in EPDM).  Simply open the attached report file and select execute to see the results.  Don’t forget to visit Download Duplicates Report

Linking Files in Enterprise PDM Using “Paste as Reference”

Enterprise PDM does a fantastic job maintaining part references for assembly files, but what about all of those other file types? Enterprise PDM is capable of storing a wide variety of documents, not just CAD data, and it is just important to control and reference those documents as if they were part of the assembly as well. Since the files may not be used in the actual assembly, we are allowed to create our own reference links to any file that we would like. This is called “Paste as Reference”. The process itself is almost exactly the same as a standard Copy/Paste inside of Windows. In this example we will […]

SolidWorks Hole Wizard and Toolbox cannot be used after Kaspersky anti-virus update

SOLIDWORKS Technical Support is currently investigating an issue affecting SOLIDWORKS users that are running Hole Wizard and Toolbox on machines with Kaspersky anti-virus software installed. Under these conditions, users may find that SOLIDWORKS will generate the following master database error when accessing the Hole Wizard and Toolbox: “Cannot open the Microsoft Jet engine workgroup information file.” The issue has been found to be related to a Kaspersky Antivirus update that was released on April 9, 2014 How to fix this issue: 1.Perform a search on the C:\Windows folder for a file named “system.mdb” You will find that this “system.mdb” will have been created on 4/9/2014 and have a file size […]

AutoCAD EPDM Add-In Setup

Installing the AutoCAD Enterprise PDM Add-In To install or the Enterprise PDM Add-In for AutoCAD you will need to modify the local installation of SolidWorks Enterprise PDM. Open up the Windows “Programs and Features” Select “SolidWorks Enterprise PDM” and choose to Change and Modify the installation. Continue through the installation wizard until the Add-Ins window appears and make sure to check “AutoCAD” and select the currently installed version. There is no need to modify any other settings. Continue through the installation wizard until finished. Adding the Enterprise PDM Toolbars to AutoCAD If the SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Add-In is installed, it will need to be activated inside of AutoCAD. This will […]

EPDM Tips and Tricks – Add Custom Properties to Your Dialog Boxes

Ever wanted to get more glance-able information in your Check-In/Check-Out dialog boxes? How about your Contains Tab? Well, you can now add custom Column to these areas of your vault interface. Step 1. Right Click on the column header in the dialog screen and select “More” from the fly-out menu. Step 2. Select the columns to display in the file listing Step 3. Enjoy your new information, now available outside of the data card. More to know You can reposition the new column after it has been added. Just drag and drop. The added columns are for your machine only. Every user can have their own personalized column set. You […]

Before upgrading to SolidWorks EPDM 2014

Please be aware that there is a problem with the EPDM 2014 SP0 addin for SolidWorks that will fail to load with SolidWorks 2014 SP1. Enterprise PDM 2014 officially supports SolidWorks 2014, 2013 and 2012. If you are running EPDM with an older (or newer) version of SolidWorks the Enterprise PDM SolidWorks add-in should show a warning that the version is not supported. If you are using Enterprise PDM 2014 SP0 (v.14.0.506) this version check is too granular and will also trigger if the installed SolidWorks version is a newer 2014 service pack, such as SW 2014 SP1. When SolidWorks is starting up or if you try to add the […]