What information should be provided when submitting a support call to InFlow Technology, and what are the best practices for describing a question when reporting an issue. Let's first tackle the obvious question: How do you contact the InFlow Support Team? Call (888) 285-2284 or E-mail your issues to: or log into the INFLOW / CATI support portal: If you choose to Login to the Support Portal, you will then be redirected to the CATI Support Portal where INFLOW and CATI share this capability. You will be asked to login. If you do not have a log in, you can easily request one, and you will be provided […]

SolidWorks World 2012

Once again InFlow Technology will be represented at SolidWorks World. This year Jeff Barker and I will be giving EPDM presentations. Jeff will be presenting on Templates and I will be presenting EPDM SolidWorks Integration best practices. See you in San Diego!

Smarteam R19-System configuration editor on Windows server 2008 64bit

With R19 – only Foundation (core services/vault setup) is supported on Windows 2008 (64 bit). As System Configuration Editor is part of Editor installation, It cannot be installed on 2008 (64bit)server and will not show up during installation process. As a workaround, Install admin editor client on a supported operating system. R20 supports 2008 (64 bit) and installing System config editor will not be an issue.

Renaming Pro/ENGINEER Files loaded from Intralink into SolidWorks Enterprise PDM

When loading files from Intralink into SolidWorks Enterprise PDM, you may have issues renaming the files. This can be due to a setting left over from Intralink. Be sure to edit your file to add the line "let_proe_rename_pdm_objects yes". SolidWorks Enterprise PDM is fully capable of renaming Pro/ENGINEER files, and updating the references to those files in any parent documents. Find more information on loading Intralink files into SolidWorks Enterpise PDM at

Please check out my post regarding CEO optimism on our CATI Tech Notes Page…this should be good news for anyone that is looking to technology to improve their current processes:

Near Shoring

I just saw a great article that is very encouraging for our market. It is in today's Crain's Chicago Business, and it discusses a trend called "Near Shoring."

SolidWorks Enterprise PDM ECN Process

I have created quite a few workflow processes using SolidWorks Enterprise PDM.  When processing a workflow route in Enterprise, you typically have to start with a file.  The file is routed along the workflow.  In many cases, the file is a spreadsheet, word document, or virtual file (an EPDM record with no file).  In the case of the video below, I am using an html file.  This process passes variables from the input data card to the html as the file is process on the workflow.  Using this method, users do not have to open an application like Excel to edit the ECN form.  They can simply make their changes […]

DriveWorks Solo, First Thoughts

I just went through the DriveWorks Solo Training and I'm very impressed!!!  It took me a little under 2 hours to go through the training provided by DriveWorks.  The material is very polished and even has tips explaining why things are happening,  not just instructions to click here and type this.  The amount of included functionality is perfect for this,  but experienced DriveWorks users will quickly find out what's missing. The search function makes it much faster to filter the rule types even with the limited number of models and rules in the training files.  The form navigation is redesigned making it easier to connect your forms and it makes adding […]