CATI TechLink Newsletter Celebrates 10th Anniversary

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the CATI TechLink Newsletter.  The newsletter features articles from CATI Experts in SolidWorks, PDM, Simulation, 3D Printing, and much more.  You can also watch product demos and catch-up on industry news! Click here to check out the latest issue! Want to get the newsletter every month?  Click here to subscribe.

SolidWorks API training

We are offering a SolidWorks API training class on Aug 4-6 @ our Bufflao Grove, IL office For a more detailed description of the class, please follow the link below – Please contact your sales representitive or me directly @ Hope you can join us! Scott Evans

CATI Named in ‘START-IT’ 125 List

CATI, Inflow-Technologies parent company, has been granted the START-IT 125 Award! "…The award was given to CATI for portraying distinct characteristics such as customer references, business model strength and execution, market leadership, and technological advancement through partnerships. " An article about it can be found here at This is absolutely fantastic news! I see the award as a testament to the customers and employees that have aligned themselves with CATI.

SmarTeam V5R17 SP6 was just posted on the SmarTeam support web site. There seems to be many good fixes in here so we are excited to be able to upgrade users to this SP. If anyone has any questions, just reply to the post or send comments to the team at InFlow Technology.

So you have PLM…

Now what? I have asserted that PLM is your organizations unique way of managing the definition of your products and managing change of these definitions. Included in these definitions are the processes needed to produce your products and get them to market. If you agree with my definition, you will also agree with me that PLM is not something you buy, no more than you buy quality or efficiency. There are tools that can improve your PLM system, if the tools chosen are suited to your process and they are implemented well. The same tools can make things worse if they are not implemented correctly. The right implementation will fail […]