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So you have PLM…

Now what? I have asserted that PLM is your organizations unique way of managing the definition of your products and managing change of these definitions. Included in these definitions are […]

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PDMWorks Enterprise Authentication

For those interested in implementing PDMWorks Enterprise, here are some basics regarding authentication: 1st: PDMWorks Enterprise is a secure vaulted application, meaning that access and permissions are based on a […]

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Impressions of DriveWorks 6.0

After installing and upgrading to DriveWorks 6.0, I was very impressed by many of the new enhancements.  The user interface has been drastically improved,  it’s much more user friendly and […]

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PLM – What does it REALLY Mean?

What is PLM Really? It has been defined and redefined by the marketing departments of many companies. The definitions chosen depend on the definer. The ERP (MRP II (MRP)) companies […]

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