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Event #: CP101

CATIpult learning sessions are unique educational opportunities designed for SOLIDWORKS users of various experience levels.

CATI Technical Analysts have put together a series of hour long presentations in the form of convenient webcasts. The CATIpult webcasts are conducted via Webex and consist of live SOLIDWORKS hands-on training, Power Point presentations, and product demonstrations.

Topics change monthly, so check back for new topics.

Are you looking for past CATIpult webcast? You can find previous recordings over on our YouTube channel.

Presentation Topics

Click on the tabs below to view the topics for the upcoming months.

Common Mistakes to Avoid when Planning a SOLIDWORKS UpgradeAs we begin 2021, many of you will begin planning your SOLIDWORKS upgrades in the next few months. In this CATIpult webinar, we’ll cover some of the most common issues we observe and how to avoid them. Even if you’ve installed SOLIDWORKS many times, you’ll not want to miss>

Justin Maxwell
In this live webcast we’re going to explore design techniques in SOLIDWORKS for designing soft jaws. Some parts have obvious geometry to grab, however others can be quite challenging, especially when multiple machines are used to fabricate parts. Join us this February with SOLIDWORKS Application Engineer Mike Thompson as we move from making files to making chips!Mike Thompson

2 Upcoming Events:

February 18, 2021
Show Agenda
1:00 pm - 1:30 pm - CST Register
March 18, 2021
Show Agenda
1:00 pm - 1:30 pm - CST Register