The Secrets to Fast and Accurate Simulation for the Industrial Machinery Vertical

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Event #: ALT1452

One of the biggest challenges in the Industrial Machinery industry is the tradeoff between speed and accuracy while simulating large assemblies. As companies are trying to reduce to cost due to the recent pandemic, there is a stronger emphasis on virtual simulations over physical prototyping.  However, performing virtual simulations on large complicated assemblies can be a tedious and time-consuming process due to the complexity of the assembly.  This webinar presents Altair’s CAD-based simulation process where you don’t need to compromise speed over accuracy. Altair SimSolid works directly on CAD geometry and gives its users incredibly accurate design insight in seconds to minutes.

Blazingly Fast AND Incredibly Accurate Simulation is possible! View our webinar to learn more!

Who Should Attend:

  • Engineers in the Design Department, Design Managers, Heads of Design Dept.
  • CAE Engineers, Analysts, Head of CAE Department.
  • Organizations new to simulation, & wanting to use industry proven tools.
  • Managers of allied departments, dependent on CAE department or outsourcing simulation. 

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