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InFlow Technology’s most customizable DriveWorks solution is DriveWorks Pro. You can create a Custom Configurator that ANYONE can use. Use DriveWorks locally or on the web to configure, price, quote then engineer to order custom designs quickly and easily.

What Is DriveWorks Pro?

DriveWorks Professional is your design automation tool that brings everything together. Whether you’re connecting to other business systems, hosting a website, or just sharing the project with your coworkers, DriveWorks Professional is a great tool for you. DriveWorks Professional comes in modules.

How Does DriveWorks Professional Expand On Solo And Xpress?

With DriveWorks Professional, you unlock that ability to allow customers to use a “configurator” that you made to design/customize their own product. Your customers can log into a portal that you design. Once they’re there, they can pick and choose from a list of options that you’ve set up. And now that they’ve decided they like the design, they can place an order. All of that happens in a single interface, making sharing your projects a breeze.

Include a 3D Preview to give your users a live, 3D image of their models within the interface and run macros on forms to get information from other locations, such as Excel files or SQL databases.

Where Do I Start?

There isn’t a free trial of DriveWorks Professional, but instead, you can proceed through the normal progression of getting started with Xpress and Solo. All of the work you do in Xpress and Solo can be ported into DriveWorks Professional. This means you can learn with them, get a jump on your projects, and enhance the capabilities of your system in Professional, once you have made the upgrade.

Where Do I Start?

For information on DriveWorks Pro, both DriveWorks and InFlow Technology offer knowledge base articles and resources for DriveWorks which can be found on the DriveWorks and InFlow YouTube Channels, InFlow Technology Blogs, and the DriveWorks Help File. You can utilize the information on these pages to get started down the right path.

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Interested in Pro but want to test out DriveWorks first? Download the free 30-day trial of DriveWorks Solo, and test many of the features you'll get in Pro.
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