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InFlow Technology will help you get the best return on your automation investment with DriveWorks Solo. DriveWorks Solo design automation projects are easy to set up, easy to manage, and easy to use. You can set up a project once, and run it as many times as you like, by filling out forms, and quickly generating multiple new versions of your designs along with manufacturing or sales documentation.

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What Is DriveWorks Solo?

DriveWorks Solo is design automation software that allows you to reduce the cost of custom designs, respond quickly to sales inquiries, enhance product quality & reduce repetitive tasks. It allows design engineers and product designers to quickly and easily create and configure custom products inside SOLIDWORKS. All DriveWorks Solo licenses are available as Fixed licenses that can be activated on individual machines. Access DriveWorks Solo by using the add-in inside of SOLIDWORKS.

How Does DriveWorks Solo Expand On DriveWorksXpress?

DriveWorks Solo is a standalone application, accessed from the SOLIDWORKS task pane. Once you access the administration tool, you can create custom forms that your users interact with. DriveWorks Solo lets you use simple tables to store tabular information. Now you can quickly write rules to define the color of your models without memorizing the RGB codes! Finally, it gives you the power to modify the scale of your views and the locations of your dimensions.

Where Do I Start?

For licensing information, you can reach out to InFlow Technology’s team of DriveWorks Experts, but before doing that, did you know that you can request a FREE 30-day trial license?

Download DriveWorks Solo Today

It is recommended that, before starting any trial, you review the free online training, getting started webinars, how-to videos, and more are available in the DriveWorks Community to help get you up and running quickly.

Continuing a DriveWorksXpress project in DriveWorks Solo is easy too, you can simply choose the existing project to open within DriveWorks Solo, and then continue with your configuration based on what you already have.

Where Can I Look?

For information on DriveWorks Solo, both DriveWorks and InFlow Technology offer knowledge base articles and resources for DriveWorks which can be found on the DriveWorks and InFlow YouTube Channels, InFlow Technology Blogs, and the DriveWorks Help File. You can utilize the information on these pages to get started down the right path.

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