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InFlow Technology’s introductory level of DriveWorks is the DriveWorksXpress solution. DriveWorksXpress provides entry-level design automation with every license of SOLIDWORKS as the easy-to-use, rules-based design automation tool for engineers.

What Is DriveWorksXpress?

DriveWorksXpress is a Design Automation tool inside of any SOLIDWORKS license. Using DriveWorksXpress is an “express” and effective method for getting consistent and automated SOLIDWORKS models and drawings

1. Activate DriveWorksXpress in SOLIDWORKS

2. Get Started

DriveWorks and InFlow Technology offer knowledge base articles and resources for DriveWorks which can be found on the DriveWorks and InFlow YouTube Channels, InFlow Technology Blogs, and the DriveWorks Help File.

3. Learn To Write Rules

Rules are the backbone of DriveWorks, as DriveWorks is built as “a rules-based engine”. That’s very much on purpose because that is how we think of DriveWorks. Everything that we do has rules to it. This is true of engineering, driving, cooking, you name it. Nevertheless, it is always surprising when people ask, “what kind of rules can I write?” You can write pretty much any rule you want.

DriveWorks uses Excel-based logic, which means if you don’t know how to write a function in DriveWorks, try getting the same results from Excel, then it can be as easy as a copy and paste.

4. Get Certified

DriveWorks offers a free, detailed, training and certification program. Overall, it takes about three hours to run through the class and certification itself. You’ll go through a simple example of using DriveWorksXpress to automate the creation of a simple assembly.

Start Certification Today

Simple logic -- Easy to use -- Lots of free resources to help along the way
DriveWorks Xpress is what you need to get automating TODAY!

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